In non-league play the Lebanon Warriors boys soccer team has fallen to an 0-2 overall record. 

In the latest game the Warriors fell to the McNary Celtics 4-1 on Sept. 3. 

The Warriors were able to keep the McNary Celtics from scoring through much of the first half but in the 30th minute, the Celtics broke through, breaking a scoreless tie. While the Celtics kept more possession early, strong defense on the Warriors kept them from scoring for the first 25 minutes. 

With 15 minutes remaining in the half a shot from Luis Martinez edged past Lebanon's keeper. The Celtics would score again less than a minute later to double the Warrior's deficit.

The Warriors couldn't respond as of a couple of assists off of corner kicks were defended, Lebanon headed for half time trailing 2-0. 

Cetics Bryan Keo scored on a penalty kick to put the game out of reach at 3-0 with 21:34 remaining on the clock. For insurance the Celtics pushed another one past with 16:49 remaining. 

At that point, the Celtics players held onto possession to erase time off the clock. 

That wouldn't stop the Warrior spirit as a late goal from Josh Baker with seven minutes remaining erased the goose egg. The score stayed at 4-1 until the buzzer sounded. 

Coach Dave Albion said the score was more lopsided than how the teams played.

"I don't think they greatly outplayed us," Albion said. 

Albion said the Celtics did a great job of marking up players.

"Every time a ball was on our foot was there was (Celtic player) there," Albion said. "We didn't always do a great job of that, and that led to a couple of scores for them." 

Albion said that was a good lesson to learn and they are practicing on marking up players. 

"We can make it hard for them but that takes work," Albion said.  

Even with the trailing score several Lebanon players kept up the pace, and got a few attempted drives, and shots on and off goal including the score from Baker.

"One thing Lebanon's been good at is playing with heart," Albion said. 

Trailing 0-4, with 10 minutes remaining, Albion put in is backup keeper, Nathan Diebel who relieved Colton Carter. Diebel got a strong block off a line from a Celtic player. 

"I put him in and told him, 'here's the deal: they will not score again,' and he got a great save," Albion said.

During the non-league games Albion is starting both goalies who have found them locked in a battle for the starting spot. 

The Warriors had a similar game at Springfield Millers where the Warriors came up short by one goal. 

"We had a great chance at Springfield, and came up short," Albion said.


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