LAS VEGAS — RJ Pena, Taylor Meeks and Scott Sakaguchi all placed for Oregon State on Saturday at the Cliff Keene Las Vegas Invitational.

Pena placed third at 157, Meeks fourth at 197 and Sakaguchi fourth at 149.

Pena tallied four straight wins on Saturday to secure a third-place finish. In his first two bouts, Pena pinned both his opponents: Army’ Paul Hancock in 2:45 and Ohio State’s Randall Languis in 2:59. He defeated his third opponent, Michigan’s Brian Murphy, by default, and then topped North Carolina State’s Thomas Gantt to clutch a third-place finish.

Meeks collected two victories by decision early in the day, defeating American’s Daniel Mitchell 4-2 and then Virginia Tech’s Chris Penny 8-6, sending him to the third-place match. However, Meeks had to medically forfeit his match against Boise State’s Cody Dixon to finish fourth.

Sakaguchi tallied three decision victories to lock up a fourth-place finish. First, he topped Purdue’s Brandon Nelson by a 9-2 decision, defeated Cal Poly’s Blake Kastl 4-2 and then beat Michigan’s Eric Grajales 7-1. In his final match, Sakaguchi fell to Cornell’s Chris Villalonga by a 4-1 decision.

OSU finished 12th overall as a team.

The Beavers return to Gill Coliseum Dec. 20 for a duel against Wyoming.


149 – Scott Sakaguchi dec. Brandon Nelson (Purdue), 9-2

149 – Scott Sakaguchi dec. Blake Kastl (Cal Poly), 4-2

149 – Scott Sakaguchi dec. Eric Grajales (Michigan), 7-1

149 – Chris Villalonga (Cornell) dec. Scott Sakaguchi, 4-1

157 – RJ Pena fall Paul Hancock (Army), 2:45

157 – RJ Pena fall Randall Languis (Ohio State), 2:59

157 – RJ Pena def. Brian Murphy (Michigan), Default

157 – RJ Pena dec. Thomas Gantt (North Carolina State), 5-3

197 – Daniel Mitchell (American) dec. Taylor Meeks, 4-2

197 – Taylor Meeks dec. Chris Penny (Virginia Tech), 8-6

197 – Cody Dixon (Boise State) medical def. Taylor Meeks, Default


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