Kayla Thomason is a cat lover. She lost her kitty, Fluffy, back in 2006. “I had wanted another pet for some time,” the Lebanon resident said.

Six years later, Lily came into her life.

“We got Lily shortly after my mom was diagnosed with cancer.” Kayla had a friend who knew someone with kittens.

“She helped keep my mom’s spirits up.” Lily bonded with Kayla’s mother and really became her kitty. That’s not to say that Kayla didn’t love Lily because she obviously did.

Being an only kitty, Lily was never around other cats so she never really had the opportunity to socialize. “She had been the only cat in the house so she’s being territorial still.”

“We had talked about getting a second cat for a while,” Kayla said of the conversations she often had with her husband, Josh. One of the main reasons they considered adding another cat to their family was because of the long hours they were spending away from their home due to work and volunteering. “We wanted her to have a friend.”

Then, a couple months ago, along came the kitten, Jack. Getting along at first was something that just didn’t happen. Lily was standoffish. Jack was, well, Jack was a kitten through and through.

The first few days after Jack came home, the couple kept him isolated in the bedroom. Gradually, she said, she introduced the two kitties. Lily didn’t appreciate Jack at first. Kayla wondered if maybe keeping them separated for as long as she did has hindered them from getting to know each better.

“They do respect each other’s space but Jack tends to be rambunctious and playful.” Lily, Kayla noted, does not like to be pounced on by the zany Jack.

While the first couple of months proved somewhat difficult, things are better now. “They get along OK when Jack isn’t trying to chase her or pounce on her.”

Despite their differences — Lily is a long-haired female and Jack is a short-haired male — the two have bonded and have become pals.

Both felines have been a comfort to Kayla. “Jack has become my emotional support animal, much like Lily was for my mom.” Jack seems to just understand Kayla. He just knows when I need snuggles.”

While Jack snuggles, Lily likes to show off her independence. She is also a very intelligent cat.

However you look at it, Kayla is lucky to have two such amazing cats in her life. “They are complete opposites in every way possible but I love them both just the same.”


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