Lebanon senior Gatlyn Anderson has been honored as the lineman of the year for 5A Special District 3. This district includes the eight Mid-Willamette Conference teams plus 6A McKay.

Anderson helped the Warriors to a third-place finish in the league with a regular season record of 6-3. He finished second on the team in total tackles, which is an outstanding accomplishment for a defensive lineman.

The Warriors’ season ended in the first round of the 5A state playoffs with a 59-20 loss at Parkrose.

West Albany’s Porter Phillips was named the offensive and defensive player of the year and West’s Brian Mehl was named coach of the year. The Bulldogs will face Crater High School on Saturday at Eugene’s Autzen Stadium in the 5A semifinals.

In addition to Anderson, Lebanon junior Keith Brown was named first-team all-conference at linebacker and junior Dane Sipos was picked for the first-team at defensive back.

Lebanon sophomore Waylon Wolfe was named first-team all-conference at tight end.

Offensive player of the year: Porter Phillips, sr., West Albany

Defensive player of the year: Porter Phillips, sr., West Albany

Lineman of the year: Gatlyn Anderson, sr., Lebanon

Head coach of the year: Brian Mehl, West Albany

Assistant coach of the year: Linden Loren, West Albany


First team

Linemen: Gatlyn Anderson, sr., Lebanon; Andrew Johnson, sr., Dallas; TJ Zimmerman, jr., West Albany; Hayden Roth, sr., Silverton; Cade O'Brien, sr., Corvallis

Linebackers: Keith Brown, jr., Lebanon; Jarod Coxen, sr., Dallas; Hunter Williams, sr., West Albany; Owen Magill, jr., Silverton; Eric Wise, jr., Corvallis

Defensive backs: Dane Sipos, jr., Lebanon; Porter Phillips, sr., West Albany; Blake Bowers, sr., West Albany; Tyler Pfiefer, jr., Silverton; Ethan Hester, sr., Corvallis

Second team

Linemen: Corbin Sedlacek, sr., Central; Austin Leeper, sr., West Albany; Giovanni Perez, jr., McKay; Spencer Von Flue, sr., Silverton; Tashaun Treat, sr., Silverton

Linebackers: Justin Girod, jr., Central; Ayden Lundin, sr., Dallas; Chance Hendrickson, jr., West Albany; Chase Michalczik, sr., Crescent Valley; Rafael Aguilar, sr., McKay

Defensive backs: Reece Wallace, jr., Dallas; Jason Carter-Varay, sr., North Salem; Vandon Fessler, so., Silverton; Isaiah Gilliam, jr., South Albany; Damian Avalos, sr., Crescent Valley

Honorable mention

Linemen: Tyler Vinson, jr., Central; Ashton Brecht, sr., Dallas; Dylan Depas, sr., Dallas; Eli Cox, sr., Dallas; Isaiah Rico, jr., North Salem; Nelson Millan, sr., North Salem; James Burwell, sr., West Albany; Wes Raab, sr., Crescent Valley; Kelly Iosua, so., Crescent Valley; Brian Coburn, jr., McKay; Janderi Perez, jr., McKay; Zach Macbean, sr., Silverton; Weston Tucker, so., Corvallis; Andre Webster, sr., Corvallis; Austin McCormick, jr., South Albany

Linebackers: Trenton Cyphers, sr., Central; Waylon Wolfe, so., Lebanon; Landon Kisling, sr., Lebanon; Conner Nash, jr., Dallas; Colson Spencer, sr., Dallas; Adan Gonzalez, sr., North Salem; Gabe Jacques, jr., West Albany; Chase Bauserman, sr., West Albany; Zack Cehrs, jr., West Albany; Trevor Adams, sr., Crescent Valley; Caden Smith, jr., Silverton; Nate Thompson, so., Corvallis; Parker Romviel, sr., South Albany; Tyler Seiber, so., South Albany

Defensive backs: Austin Roles, jr., Lebanon; John Hofenbredl, jr., Dallas; Taylor Cameron, sr., Dallas; Luke Killinger, sr., West Albany; Seth Jackson, sr., West Albany; Ian Smith, jr., Crescent Valley; Austin Ratliff, so., Silverton; Brady Hankins, jr., Corvallis; Ireland McFadden, sr., Corvallis; Carson Wright, so., Corvallis


First team

Linemen: Andrew Johnson, sr., Dallas; Darius Braithwaite, sr., West Albany; Cole Norlander, sr., West Albany; Tashaun Treat, sr., Silverton; Spencer Von Flue, sr., Silverton; Cade O'Brien, sr., Corvallis

Tight end: Waylon Wolfe, so., Lebanon

Wide receivers: Connor Wolfe, sr., West Albany; Walker Riney, sr., Crescent Valley; Grant Buchheit, sr., Silverton

Quarterbacks: Carson Van Dyke, sr., West Albany; Jordan McCarty, so., Silverton

Running backs: Colby Johnson, sr., Dallas; Porter Phillips, sr., West Albany; Izaak Worsch, sr., Corvallis

Second team

Linemen: Corbin Sedlacek, sr., Central; Gideon Osborne, jr., Lebanon; Blaine Dunkin, sr., Dallas; Kobe Hubbard, jr., North Salem; Isaiah Fernandez, sr., West Albany; Chase Michalczik, sr., Crescent Valley

Tight end: Zach Macbean, sr., Silverton

Wide receivers: Brayden Currey, so., Lebanon; Ethan Hester, sr., Corvallis; Isaiah Gilliam, jr., South Albany

Quarterbacks: Cole Weber, jr., Lebanon; Landon Gardner, sr., Dallas

Running backs: Keith Brown, jr., Lebanon; Hayden Roth, sr., Silverton; Nathan Kuenzi, sr., Silverton

Honorable mention

Linemen: Elijah Mierau, jr., Central; Maliki Lee, jr., Lebanon; Evan Hofferber, sr., Dallas; Kadin Thorsted, jr., Dallas; Martin Calderon, sr., North Salem; Hunter Hampl, jr., West Albany; Tye Tenorio, sr., McKay; Elliot Schaffner, sr., McKay; Orie Schaffers, so., Silverton; Jackson Clements, sr., Silverton; Tanner Ellsworth, sr., Silverton; Weston Tucker, so., Corvallis; Andre Webster, sr., Corvallis; Mason Kiel, sr., Corvallis; Austin McCormick, jr., South Albany; Matt Cobb, so., South Albany

Tight ends: Brandon Broadus, sr., Central; Ryan Nguyen, sr., Dallas; Isaiah Rico, jr., North Salem; Eric Wise, jr., Corvallis

Wide receivers: Dayne Sipos, jr., Lebanon; Reece Wallace, sr., Dallas; Triston Beard, sr., Dallas; Caeden Zamora, jr., West Albany; Ian Smith, jr., Crescent Valley; Cam Hemzacek, sr., Crescent Valley; Kaven Enlet, sr., McKay; Chansse Lee, so., McKay; Casey Brooks,. sr., Silverton; Vandon Fessler, so., Silverton; Ireland McFadden, sr., Corvallis; Brady Hankins, jr., Corvallis; DJ Jones, so., South Albany

Quarterbacks: Kai Garber, sr., Crescent Valley; Tyler Kynaston, sr., McKay; Justin Montero, sr., North Salem

Running backs: Justin Girod, jr., Central; Ayden Lundin, sr., Dallas; Jarod Coxen, sr., Dallas; Jason Carter-Varay, sr., North Salem; Tyler Seiber, so., South Albany


First team

Punter: Landon Gardner, sr., Dallas

Kicker: Omar Parroquin, sr., Central

Second team

Punter: Ethan Hester, sr., Corvallis

Kicker: John Hofenbredl, jr., Dallas

Honorable mention

Punter: Keith Brown, jr., Lebanon; Lee Metzger, sr., Silverton

Kicker: Uriel Iberra, jr., Lebanon; Trevor Thibert, sr., Crescent Valley; Aden Vingelen, so., Corvallis


Lebanon sophomore Caleb Christner was named second-team all-conference.

Christner sparked a Warriors squad that finished 7-6-1 this season under first-year coach Jacob Butler after winning one game last season.

Player of the year: Edgar Monroy, sr., Corvallis

Coach of the year: Chad Foley, Corvallis

First team

Edgar Monroy, Corvallis; Jonah Craig, Corvallis; Spencer Vingelen, Corvallis; Britton Ullan, Silverton; Cory Garlinghouse, Silverton; Zachary Reese, West Albany; Kyle Jensen, West Albany; Diodone Kilongo, North Salem; Carlos Reyes-Aviles, South Albany; Mattin Khoshzaban, Crescent Valley

Goalkeeper: Eli Podrabsky, West Albany

Second team

Mauricio Nieves-Bernal, Corvallis; Nathanyel Estrada; Trysten Wertz, Silverton; Brandon Rodriguez, Silverton; Dakota LaCasse-Tran, West Albany; Zander Harer, West Albany; Manuel Barocio-Garcia, North Salem; Anthony Areola-Flores, South Albany; Caleb Christner, Lebanon; Edgar Areola, North Salem

Goalkeeper: Zachary Cisneros, South Albany

Honorable mention

Eric Ponce, Corvallis; Moises Quezada, Corvallis; Victor Lopez, Silverton; Owen Cote, Silverton; Wyatt Javage, West Albany; Koby Ruiz, West Albany; Jacob Jensen, North Salem; Jesus Martinez-Lara, North Salem; Christopher Monroy-Torres, South Albany; Ivan Ortiz-Torres, South Albany; Neal Orness, Crescent Valley; Aidan Soule, Crescent Valley; Charles Varela, Lebanon; Logan Rash, Lebanon; Triston Wallen, Central; Saul Esquivel, Central; Chris Smyth, Dallas; Ethan Fech, Dallas


Lebanon’s Alyssa Hoffman was named first-team all-conference.

The Warriors went 4-8-1 this season and were 2-5 in league play in their first year under head coach Luis Bueno. The Warriors won one game last season.

Player of the year: Claire Macy, Crescent Valley

Coach of the year: Blake Leamy, Crescent Valley

First team

Marcella Allen, Corvallis; Heather Wright, Corvallis; Indigo Martin-Llinas, Corvallis; Bethany Marteeny, West Albany; Jayde Crow, West Albany; Claire Macy, Crescent Valley; Jada Foster, Crescent Valley; Ellie Schmitz, Silverton; Alyssa Hoffman, Lebanon; Ana McClave, Crescent Valley

Goalkeeper: Peyton Dale, Crescent Valley

Second team

Anna Dazey, Corvallis; Camryn Pugh, Corvallis; Annie Berry, West Albany; Megan Adamec, West Albany; Megan Brunelle, Crescent Valley; Sydney Berrey, Crescent Valley; Chloe O’Connor, Silverton; McKenna Platt, South Albany; Monica Guerrero, Silverton; Lily Ruiz, West Albany

Goalkeeper: Ana Bechtel, Corvallis

Honorable mention

Sara Matsuba, Corvallis; Ellie Hintzman, Corvallis; Morgan Linde, West Albany; Jenna Sally, West Albany; Kaiya Leamy, Crescent Valley; Allanah Cooper, Crescent Valley; Alexa Lanning, Silverton; Annika Rogers, Silverton; Alyssa Mendoza, South Albany; Emma Poris, South Albany; Carmen Shepard, Lebanon; Kianna Guzon, Lebanon; Vanessa Bravo, North Salem; Quilaztli Miguel-Lapham, North Salem; Cecilia Espericueta, Central; Julis Martinez, Central


East Linn Christian placed two runners on the all-district first team in cross-country, Brandon Williams and Ethan Slayden. Warren Wheeler was named to the second team.

In volleyball, Hana Slayden was named second-team all-conference and Sarah Morton was honorable mention.

In boys soccer, Ethan Goins, Jaren Bowler and goal keeper Chance Lister were each named honorable mention.


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