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Letter: Recognizing the importance of physicians in our community

Letter: Recognizing the importance of physicians in our community

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Recognizing the importance of physicians in our community

At Samaritan Health Services, building healthier communities is at the core of our mission. As we prepare to celebrate Doctors’ Day on March 30, it is the perfect opportunity to thank and recognize the important work our physicians do each and every day to help us achieve our health care mission.

The hundreds of dedicated physicians who work in Samaritan Health Services’ hospitals and clinics in Linn, Benton and Lincoln counties play such an important role, taking care of our patients and helping to improve the health of our communities. In a health care industry that is complex and changing, they help lead the way in providing innovative and high quality care. Our physicians also represent Samaritan’s core values – passion, respect, integrity, dedication and excellence – as members of our community. They volunteer their time, participate in community groups and spend time teaching the next generation of physicians. We are proud and grateful to work alongside such compassionate, hard-working individuals.

Doug Boysen, President/CEO

Samaritan Health Services

Letter’s policy

Letters should be original and no longer than 350 words. Letters must include the author’s name, street address and daytime telephone number (phone number not for publication).

Most letters are published unless they are obscene, nonsensical, personal attacks, libelous, or copied from websites. All letters are subject to editing.

Writers are limited to one letter each month.

Send letters to or via postal mail to 90 E. Grant Street, Lebanon OR 97355.The following letters are in response to last week’s editorial that argued in favor of gun control legislation:

Talk to gun experts

Before you run your next article, and talk about taking away law-abiding citizens rights, refer to (Initiative Petition 43).

Please talk to a gun expert. Learn the features of the ArmaLite rifle model 15. I believe many folks don’t know, they just think they are bad. Commonly we hear AR15, buy not the more deadly AK-47.

Saying only criminals will have guns . . . as proposed we have heard how to take guns from law abiding citizens. I ask you how do you take them from a criminal? I have not heard one person answer this.

If Americans put as much into our growing drug problems, as they do stripping away constitutional rights. We could save thousands of people.

I’m pro second amendment, please don’t take away my right to protect my home away.

Stacy Wood


Proposed legislation will take guns away

The saying that we all keep hearing is that no one is coming to take away our guns.

However, the current legislation (Initiative Petition 43) does just that. Any weapon with the capability to hold more than 10 bullets is going to be taken away. That includes hunting rifles. If you don’t surrender the weapons, you will be charged with a felony.

So, the legislatures want to make law-abiding citizens into felons. So, that was a lie. Next, the word “assault” is a verb. A gun is a person, place or thing, making it a noun.

Guns don’t assault people: People assault people. There is no such thing as an assault rifle.

No one is saying that they are against extensive background checks. We are saying that we cannot support any bill that infringes on our constitutional rights. The focus needs to be placed on why these people are committing these acts, not on the tool they use to do it.

Jaime Frasieur


Mental health needs reform over gun control

You can put in place many reforms for guns, but it won’t actually help until the mental health system is overhauled as there will always be access for the criminals.

Just like drug use, it’s illegal but there still an epidemic.

Amanda Foss

Sweet Home

Walkout falsely advertised

I was not there for the walk out at Lebanon High School so I cannot comment first hand on what happened.

I was told by several young people that a lot of the students walked out just to walk out of class not to honor anyone. I do not know how true that was. What I can say is I was told in the beginning this was not supposed to have anything at all to do with gun control it was supposed to honor those that lost their lives.

Obviously this was not true. I do not know for sure if these students walked out and honored the 17 minutes of silence like it was said they were supposed to do.

What I do know is many schools across the United States did not do this. It was more of a protest against guns, instead of a march to honor those that lost their lives. The students protested for stricter gun control and even to get rid of the second amendment rights. Why was this falsely advertised?

Tina Harrison


Gun bans don’t work

Ask the more than 100 million people murdered since 1900 worldwide if gun bans work. You can’t!

They were killed because they couldn’t defend themselves because their government took away the ability of the people to protect themselves.

Yes, that includes men, women, children, infants . . . think about it!

Rexford Dundon

Watford City, North Dakota

Gun opponents need to learn facts

What we need to do is act on issues that existing background check processes expose among gun purchasers, and demand those who call for bans on certain types of guns learn facts regarding firearms functionality and terminology, along with real research and statistics skills.

Paul Tannahill


Editorial was

near sighted

I’m having a extremely hard time putting into words just how moronic your near-sighted view of our inalienable rights are.

You (the Lebanon Express and other media outlets) are the industry that is supposed to be able to look at facts objectively and see through the bias and fleeting feelings to the actual truth of the matter. It would seem that’s not the case.

Not a single law on the books has stopped any of the shootings that have happened since the start of this media fueled shooting binge. Not one.

Every one of these shootings has broken existing gun laws — many are existing worthless gun laws.

But somehow, by taking away our rights and putting more worthless laws on the books you think you are going to make things safer: That’s ignorant.

So here’s my two cents that are frankly worth more than your opinion because I’m willing to stand up for my rights, and protect my fellow citizens, you can take your opinion to some other liberal bastion that has restrictive gun laws.

I’ll keep my God-given, and Constitutionally-protected rights to keep myself and my country safe from the likes of you who would make us into serfs, and not citizens.

Brent Gaskey

Sweet Home

Who will defend

the your rights?

Lebanon Express, when your First Amendment rights begin to be infringed upon, and you cry out for support to defend your freedoms, who will be there to stand with you? Probably not the millions and millions of responsible, law-abiding gun owners you’ve betrayed when their rights were trampled upon.Or maybe they will, because they actually value and uphold constitutional rights.

Brian Gosser


Gun control

doesn’t mean ban on firearms

Putting up hoops in order to procure fire arms doesn’t mean people aren’t allowed to own them. I think safety could be much improved by adopting a system like the one in New Zealand.

In New Zealand, potential gun owners submit an application to the police department. If that goes well, they are allowed then to attend a three hour firearm safety course followed by a written exam. After passing the written exam, candidates are allowed to schedule an interview which is conducted in their home. Much like becoming a US foster parent, each member of the household is interviewed and asked a number of questions. (I’ve been a foster parent for almost three years. The process is nothing if not invasive. But not everyone should get to be a foster parent and not everyone should get to buy a gun). The interviewer confirms that the candidate owns lockable cabinets for both the fire arm and the ammunition. They ask why the candidate is interested in purchasing a firearm. Once the firearms license comes in the mail, the candidate has to join the local pistol club and become an active member.

New Zealand requires firearms be transported in locked containers.If a gun owners firearm is stolen, their firearms license may be revoked.

If US citizens honestly valued less people being shot to death, we would embrace policies that made gun ownership something that had to be planned, paid for, and couldn’t be accomplished in a fit of rage.

Elizabeth Baer


Would ‘Free Gun Care’ work?

I just simply support a decision that’ll save lives whatever that plan may be.

Let me introduce you to a crazy plan that popped into my head because it’s just so off the wall and ridiculous that I’d like to call it “Free Gun Care.”

It’s like a free health plan, but it pays for purchasing a basic firearm for everyone to have that passes a background check. What would be the aftermath of something as crazy this? Better? Worse? About the same?

I’ve got no idea. I’m just trying to post an original comment.

Steven Morgan


Proud of Lebanon students

Phyllis Cash I am so proud of Lebanon students! Last week’s editorial is spot on.

How many times does it have to be said, sensible regulations does not mean that you lose all rights to have guns?

Phyllis Cash

Apache Junction, Arizona


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