To the editor:

It is nice to know that there are still honest people in the world — in particular in the Lebanon, Sweet Home, Brownsville and Albany area.

On  Thursday, Feb. 3, I went shopping at Walmart, as I had received my state tax refund and  decided to cash it there. Before going outside, I placed the cash in my wallet and set it in my cart with my purchases. After loading my car with them and my 4-year-old, I left for home.

When I arrived home I realized I had left my wallet in the shopping cart. I called the Walmart Service Center, and nothing had been turned in. I decided to drive back to Lebanon from Sweet Home to double-check.

After checking carts on the way in, I went to the service center to inquire once more if anyone had found a wallet and turned it in.

Behind the counter was Carolyn, who has worked at Walmart for 18 years. She recognized my mother, who was with me, and a grin came over her face. After asking a few important questions, she returned my wallet to me. Everything was there as it had been when I left the store after shopping. Carolyn said a very nice lady had turned the wallet into the service center not too long before we had arrived.

I would like to thank this woman. I do not know if she looked in the wallet or took it directly to the service center, her honesty is to be commended. I feel  great gratitude toward her. My wallet is  hard, white, and quilted vinyl. The woman should recognize the description. I hope she gets to read this letter and finds out that the wallet was returned to its owner and it is greatly  appreciated that she took the time to turn it in. And to the associates at Walmart, thank you, also.


Debora Olson

Sweet Home



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