To the editor:

Without trees we would be dead. Please pass a tree ordinance to stop cutting trees out of reasons that are unjust to the trees, such as greed, ignorance, for scenic pleasures, etc. 

Some benefits trees provide:

• Prevent flooding. Rain flows down the trunk into the earth;

• Prevents soil erosion;

• Shield children from ultra-violet rays;

• Increase property value;

• Provides oxygen;

• Cleans the air as they absorb pollutant gases.

True self-directed leaders are those that do something different and better. They learn from others mistakes and improve upon it rather than repeating the same mistakes. I witnessed how people/businesses cut trees for profit-oriented reasons in Washington and California. Now California is investing lots of time/money re-growing trees.  It takes more years to re-grow trees than it does to build around the tree. Lebanon is one if not the only city without a city ordinance in place to prevent trees from being cut down unjustly.

In addition to hurting this generation by cutting trees down, you’re hurting your children — those you love dearly.

Trees are living things just like animals and children. You would not kill a child because it’s in the way of your building and rebirth another child, why would you do that with trees? They may not have a human soul, yet they do have a soul.  We’re suppose to take care of them, not kill them.

Please be a true leader and stop killing trees like you did at the River Center. The guy who cut the tree down said it was in the way of our building. The building is in the way of our trees.

Some moved to Oregon for the beauty it provides — God’s country.

When you die, you don’t take the building, clothes, material things, or money with you. You take a loving heart and wisdom learned on earth. Use your power to make a difference and show other cities, states, countries how to do things better.

Angelica Rose


Editor’s note: The city of Lebanon does have ordinances regarding trees. Having a tree ordinance is a requirement of being a Tree City USA, which Lebanon has been for nine years.


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