Governor's visit

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown spoke at the Lebanon Chamber of Commerce luncheon last week. Brown spoke about her three priorities for pushing her agenda in the legislature for about 15 minutes, then opened it up to questions from the audience. A little bit of a gutsy call in what was clearly a more conservative crowd. 

While it was clear that many people disagreed with her liberal policies, everyone asked questions in a respectful manner showing how we can disagree with each other, and still be respectul (some national politicians should take note). 


School was out for Spring Break vacation last week, and while we're guessing not too many people got outside because of rainy weather, many kids got plenty of chances for entertainment at the Lebanon Public Library for its annual Springbreakapalooza!. 

Activities for the palooza included taking junk that the library has pile up for the last year, and letting kids use their imaginations to turn that trash into wonderful works of art, followed by a juggler's performance, capped off by a family game night. 

The events were packed for every activity (no doubt because ot the less than spectacular weather helping on that) and got kids to learn about their great resource of the Lebanon Public Libary. Read more about a couple of these events on A3 in this paper. 


Because of Spring Break, and the weather, very few sports games were hosted last week. The games we had planned on covering were rained out. So on the sports page you'll find a story about the new Taekwondo studio opening. 

Barring bad weather, sports will return this week, and we plan to have coverage on the baseball and softball teams. 

Also, the Lebanon volleyball team raised $5,000 for cancer treatment services, and recently presented the money to The Lebanon Community Hospital foundation. Way to go Lady Warriors!

Samaritan budget cuts

Samaritan released the news that it will be undertaking a number of cost cutting measures such as a hiring freeze, and cuts to travel and cutting capital expenses. 

While that's not great news to hear, the idea is to undertake these measures now so that the company won't have to resort to layoffs in the future. We're hoping declining revenues won't lead to that. 


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