Jasmine rules the roost — literally and figuratively.

Jasmine is a 19-year-old Amazon double yellow head parrot and, according to her humans, Rhonda and George Mueller-Warrant, she likes to be part of the conversation.

Jasmine was hatched in 2000 in White City, Oregon. She came to the Corvallis couple when she was just 4 months old. “The yellow on her head was very small — about the size of a quarter,” Rhonda said. The parrot’s head is now almost completely yellow. She also has red on her shoulders and tail. Rhonda said that when Jasmine spreads her wings, she is even more colorful.

“To me, they are so incredibly beautiful,” Rhonda said when asked why they got a parrot. George smiled. “To me, Rhonda wanted one.”

While a parrot is never truly domesticated, Jasmine does have some manners. She will ride on George’s hand, she says a few words and she likes to sing. Rhonda said she learned music shortly after they got her. She also pretty much eats whatever the couple eats. As she rested on George’s hand, he gently scratched her feathers. “She likes her neck petted — but only on her terms.”

She actually knows a lot of songs. The first one she learned, according to Rhonda, was “You’re a Grand Old Flag.” She also enjoys holiday songs, no matter what time of the year it is. And, she likes to mimic people. In fact, she often will mimic either Rhonda or George when they are on the telephone.

“She is the alpha creature,” George said of Jasmine, who lives in the house with two dogs. One of the phrases she learned long ago was how to call the dogs back inside, even if George or Rhonda has just let them out.

The parrot doesn’t actually fly much. She will hop from place to place when she is outside one of her five cages.

Jasmine is a good traveler. In fact, the couple and their parrot have made two trips to the Midwest to visit family.

Considering Jasmine’s life span could be as long as 70 years, the couple will need to find someone to take her when they are both gone. One of their grandsons, who lives in the Midwest, has said he would love to take her when the time comes.

One piece of advice Rhonda and George would give people who are considering getting a parrot is to get to know what parrots are like before jumping into the fray. “They can be messy,” George said, pointing to the shredded newspaper on the floor.

“And, it’s a long-term commitment,” said Rhonda.

The couple, however, love having Jasmine be a part of their lives. And, by the way she pays close attention to whatever Rhonda and George do, it appears the feeling is mutual.

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