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Lebanon City Hall.

The budget committee for the City of Lebanon will hold its final public sessions on May 16-17.

The sessions will begin at noon each day at the Santiam Travel Station, 750 S. Third Street.

It is likely the committee will conclude its work in a single session and the second day's session will be canceled.

"Last year, the process took one day. I've been told the last several years before that it was a one-day process as well," said Finance Director Matt Apken.

The budget committee will vote on approval of the city's 2019-20 annual budget at the conclusion of the public hearing. This is the final opportunity for individuals and community organizations who are seeking funding from the city to make their case.

"Last year, we had at least one change they wanted to make," Apken said. 

Once the budget is approved by the budget committee, it moves on to city council for final approval.

The council can make changes, amounting to no greater than 10 percent in a given fund, Apken said.

Apken said the primary challenge in crafting this year's budget is accommodating the required increases to the Personal Employees Retirement System. Apken said the city's required contribution increased by approximately 4.5 percent.

"When there'a a large PERS increase, not only do you have inflation, but then you have to deal with PERS going up," Apken said.

The proposed city budget can be viewed online on the city's website. Go to www.ci.lebanon.or.us/budgetcommittee for a link to the budget document.

The budget committee includes Mayor Paul Aziz and all six members of the city council - Jason Bolen, Robert Furlow, Rebecca Grizzle, Wayne Rieskamp, Karin Stauder and Michelle Steinhebel. The other members are Lancy Caddy, Virginia Cloyd, Todd Gestrin, Josh Port and Kim Ullfers.


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