From 50 years ago, Monday, September 8, 1969

Marstan Publishing Co. is new Johnson venture

It may be trite, but “family togetherness” is the best phrase we know to describe the activities of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Johnson and children. What have they done now? They are the “Marstan Publishing Company” probably Lebanon’s newest business venture.

Anything undertaken by the Johnsons has to be connected in some way with music—as most folk who have lived here very long are sure to know. This is no exception. Their business card says “school operettas and program material, 92 North 7th St., Lebanon…Margaret J. Johnson…Stanley M. Johnson.

And there you have the explanation for the copyrighted name “Marstan.”

Together, as the name implies, Margaret and Stanley have worked to produce their first publication “Happiness Is”, a Christmas operetta for grade school children. It has already been well tested for popularity and adaptability in six local schools and will be presented again this Christmas at the Tennessee School.

From 25 years ago, Wednesday, September 14, 1994

Jamboree expecting more than 15,000

Oregon Jamboree officials are expecting more than 15,000 people in attendance at the Sweet Home country music festival Sept. 16-18.

Spokeswoman Mary Mansfield said the projection is less than last year’s attendance. She said that local law enforcement – including Sweet Home police and the Linn County Sheriff’s Office – will help regulate the traffic this weekend.

Diamond Rio, Billy Ray Cyrus and Merle Haggard are the headliners at each of the three nights of this year’s events.

From 10 years ago, Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ex-judge in Jail for sex crimes

Former Lebanon municipal court judge Larry Kenneth Houchin has started serving 30 days in jail in Polk County.

He pleaded guilty Sept. 1 to two counts of first-degree official misconduct, one count of third-degree sexual abuse and one count of sexual harassment.

The charges stemmed from accusations he abused his power as a judge by using female parolees and a police department dispatcher to “gratify his sexual desires,” according to court documents.

Three of the victims are women who the judge had supervised in his court. Houchin waived his rights to any further waiting periods, allowing his sentencing to follow immediately after his plea.


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