From 50 years ago, Wednesday, June 27, 1969

Linn County Adopts West Highway 34 Zoning

Proposed zoning for the area described as West Highway 34 was adopted by the Linn County Court Wednesday morning. The action followed explanation of three changes and a question and answer period.

A dozen or so people, who attended the public hearing held by the court a week earlier, were back to hear the final decision. They were given opportunity to ask questions of Judge Floyd Mullen, Commissioners Burl Ingram and Eugene Richardson and Linn County Planner Gary Holloway—but not to reiterate statements heard previously.

From 25 years ago, Wednesday, June 29, 1994

Bike helmet law effective July 1

On Friday, July 1, Oregon’s bicycle helmet law goes into effect and anyone less than 16 years of age will be required to wear a helmet when operating or riding a bicycle. The helmet must meet Oregon Department of Transportation standards for safe protective headgear.

Failure to wear a helmet carries a maximum fine of $25. If the child is 11 or younger, the parents or legal guardian may be fined if the child rides without a helmet. A citation may be issued to the child or the parent when the child is at least 12 years of age and under 16 years.

From 10 years ago, Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Guard field training benefits Lacomb

No more Lacomb School students with twisted ankles from mole holes.

No more flooding.

No more tracking muddy footprints through the school

These are just a few things Lacomb Principal Jennifer Meckley is grateful to the Army National Guard for.

“It will bring a sense of pride,” Meckley said, “The community will be able to use this field for real, regulation soccer games.”

Getting the Guard to fix Lacomb’s sharply sloped field is the result of many community members, parents and a little know-how from Lebanon Community School District staff.

The 224th Engineer Company out of Albany started work on June 12 and one week later had already moved 1,700 cubic yards of materials.


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