From 50 years ago, Monday, Aug. 5, 1968

Gov. McCall Dedicates New Fish Hatchery

“Every facility that improves the natural resources of Oregon is tremendously important,” Gov. Tom McCall told a large group gathered at the new South Santiam River Salmon Hatchery near Foster Dam Friday. As an avid fisherman, he expressed his delight at the privilege of dedicating the facility.

“Nothing excites me more than to see a new hatchery going on the line to produce summer steelhead and spring chinook,” the governor said. “This is doubly exciting, because what the Fish Commission will do here is to produce an entirely new run of fish in these waters – the summer steelhead – one of the greatest fish ever created. And better yet, it will be done in a river system that serves over 70 percent of our people. With this hatchery, we’ll round out a program to offer year-around quality fishing within easy reach of the vast majority of Oregonians.”

The Army Corps of Engineers constructed the new $437,890 hatchery to replace the old state hatchery in Foster Reservoir and spawning areas flooded out by Foster and Green Peter dams.

From 25 years ago, Wednesday, Aug. 11, 1993

Johnson is Mr. Hawaii; bodybuilder views world differently

Dave Johnson stood on stage and sneaked a peak at the line of bodybuilders to his side during a recent competition and felt like his biblical namesake.

But Johnson, a 1985 Lebanon Union High school graduate who lives in Maui, was without a sling. In fact, he had no weapons to use against these Goliaths. He simply performed to the best of his ability.

When judges were tabulating their votes for Mr. Hawaii last month, they liked the way Johnson’s torso riffled symmetrically. They liked Johnson so much they favored him, a virtual unknown, over guys with far more success in bodybuilding shows.

So when they crowned Johnson, the first Mr. Hawaii from Maui, he felt as if he’d flung a rock into the skull of a giant.

From 10 years ago, Wednesday, Aug. 13, 2008

Lebanon woman visits China; Most people live at a subsistence level but are content

Lebanon resident Joyce Weatherly is watching the Olympics in Beijing extra closely this year; she visited China on a “Life Experience” tour in June.

Weatherly and 14 other people ages 9 to 86 left Los Angeles about 1 a.m. on June 16 for Beijing. That landed at about 6 a.m. on June 17 to overcast skies. At least that’s what Weatherly thought at the time. Now she thinks it was a combination of clouds and pollution.

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