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From 25 years ago, Wednesday, Dec. 8, 1993… Deck the halls. Members of the Linn County Victorian Bell Choir perform Saturday night during the tree-lighting ceremony in Ralston Park. Mayor Bob Smith was on hand to flip the switch on the 90-foot cedar. About 200 people braved the cool winter temperatures to attend the event. Audience members joined in on the Christmas carols and enjoyed the holiday fellowship.

From 50 years ago, Friday, Dec. 6, 1968

Civil Liberty Group Opposes Vagrancy Law

The chairman of the American Civil Liberties Union of Oregon Thursday called on Lebanon’s Mayor Kenneth B. Haevernick to “advise the Lebanon Police Department that the use of a vagrancy statute to prevent the distribution of material protected by the first amendment is a clear abuse of police power.”

Charles Davis said the organization was strongly opposed to the arrest this week in Lebanon of Ian Timm on a charge of vagrancy. …

Timm was arrested in front of Lebanon Union High school. Davis said he was about to distribute draft pamphlets to students.

“When we first learned of this city’s refusal to allow Eugene students to distribute draft information on the city sidewalks,” Davis said in a statement, “we advised mayor Haevernick by letter of the unconstitutionality of this action. This ‘prior restraint’ appears to have been based on the worst possible reasoning, namely with the point of view being expressed.”

From 10 years ago, Wednesday, Dec. 10, 2008

Guard savor last Christmas before deploying

Soldiers and families of A-Troop 1/82nd Cavalry enjoyed a grand feast Sunday for their final Christmas before deploying to Iraq, thanks to the generosity of Mallard Creek Golf Course and other local merchants.

When Mallard Creek heard the unit was looking for a place to hold its annual holiday dinner, employees jumped at the chance to serve the soldiers and their families.

“For soldiers and families, deployment is a very hard time,” said Diane Barricklow, a Family Readiness Group coordinator. “Knowing that people care about them is more important than the dinner. It gives soldiers peace of mind to focus on their duties when they’re deployed, knowing that there is a community that supports them. It helps family get through the whole process.”

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