Crowfoot School

Demolition on Crowfoot School began 10 years ago. 

From 10 years ago, Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Crowfoot School is no more

Demolition of Crowfoot School began Monday morning. Crowfoot School opened in 1945 and closed its doors in 2002. According to the Lebanon School District website, the school got its first indoor plumbing in 1952, when the Crowfoot school District merged with the Waterloo School District, due to an influx of money from the merging of the schools. For many years, the school housed Crowfoot area students in grades 3, 4 and 5.

From 25 years ago, Wednesday, April 14, 1993

Abrell joins select ranks; other stars honored

Lois Abrell joined the select ranks of two-time major award winners as outstanding community service was recognized Friday at the 44th annual distinguished service Awards Program at the Lebanon Elks Lodge.

Abrell was selected as Senior First Citizen for her extensive work with veterans organizations and her musical contributions. She was Lebanon’s Woman of the Year in 1954. …

Other top award winners Friday were Dennis Yocom as Man of the Year, Vickie Freeman as Woman of the Year and Tom McHill as Junior First Citizen.

From 50 years ago, Monday, April 15, 1968

City Police In Mass Resignation

Eleven members of the 14 man Lebanon Police Department announced Saturday that they will resign at midnight June 30 because the pay is so low they are unable to meet the high cost of living demands.

All but three of the department submitted a joint resignation to the mayor and city council…

A spokesman for the group said that what they were asking was to be given a wage comparable to the rest of Linn County. The current starting salary in Lebanon is $440 a month with no guarantee of an increment increase.

From 50 years ago, Wednesday, April 17, 1968

City Police Officers Withdraw Resignations

City council accepted the withdrawal of resignation of ten members of the Lebanon Police Force Tuesday evening at the regular council meeting. A letter signed by each of the officers asked that their mass resignation of April 12 be rescinded.

Mayor Ken Haevernick said that the action came as a result of failure of communication and that officers had been unaware of studies being made by city officials in an effort to improve pay and working conditions.

Hoodoo Main Lodge Destroyed Tuesday

The main lodge at Hoodoo Ski Bowl was destroyed by fire around noon Tuesday. Ski tows, power plant equipment, day lodge and public service buildings were saved.

Leon Foster, manager of the corporation-owned resort, estimated the loss at more than $100,000. Much of that is covered by insurance.

The three-store 140 by 30 foot lodge was discovered aflame by a mailman about 12:30 p.m. U.S. Forest fire fighters from Sisters and McKenzie Bridge and Oregon Highway personnel managed to prevent the flames from spreading to other buildings.

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