From 50 years ago, Wednesday

Shortage of Berry Pickers Noted

Shortages of some 7500 strawberry pickers exist in the Willamette Valley, as warm weather hastened ripening, the weekly Rural Manpower report issued by the Department of Employment stated in Salem Friday. Also growers in The Dalles area expect to harvest one of the largest cherry crops on record in recent years. Picking there is planned to start on or about June 12 and to continue to approximately July 3. Shortages of cherry pickers at The Dalles are expected throughout the season.

From 25 years ago

Search goes on for source of well water contaminant

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) wants to test more wells in an area south of Lebanon Community Hospital, west of the South Santiam River, north of Milton and E Streets and east of 11th Street. Property owners within that area, which includes downtown Lebanon, are asked to contact the DEQ if they have a well and would like it to be sampled.

The testing is part of a continuing effort to identify the source of groundwater contamination that was first discovered in Century Park a few years ago. The contaminant is tetra-chloroethene, also known as per-chloroethene (PCE), and has been commonly used in drying cleaning processes and as a degreaser in auto repair shops for more than 50 years.

Deborah Bailey, DEQ Project Manager, said in an interview last Thursday that she is not aware that any illnesses or health problems have been reported in connection with the contamination, but that the concentration of PCE in some wells in the area is higher than acceptable for drinking water.

From 10 years ago, Wednesday

Lightning strikes scorch Lebanon residence

A fast-moving lightning storm that whipped through the valley June 4 caused a scare for a few Lebanon residents.

Karen Claussen, who manages three units near Seventh and “D” streets, said she saw something amazing when she arrived home.

“I pulled into my driveway and saw all these lightning streaks come down,” Claussen said, “It was pretty scary.”

Claussen said three streaks of lightning all converged on one of her units, a triplex at 769 W. “D” Street.

Lebanon Fire Marshal Mark Wilson said underground power wires and other pipes are the most likely cause of the lightning strikes.


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