Flescher family

After 40 hours in the hospital birthing center, and 40 minutes in the final stretch, Tiffany Flescher, 24, gave birth to Wyatt Wayne Flescher at 10:22 a.m. on Jan. 1, Lebanon’s first hospital-born baby of 2012.

The baby’s father is Jeff Flescher, 29.

When he was born, Jeff said, “I’m a dad. I need to sit down.”

Wyatt was seven pounds, seven ounces.

While in labor, Tiffany said she kept asking herself why she got herself into this.

But that all ended once Wyatt was in her arms.

“Everything’s kind of surprising,” the new mother said. “You take your whole life to fall in love with someone or something, but as soon as your baby comes out, it’s unconditional love.”

It was love at first sight, she said.

Tiffany said her labor coach and husband, Jeff, helped immensely.

The nursing staff at the birth center also helped.

“These girls in there are wonderful,” she said. “They are almost like my friends. You can tell they have a heart for it.”

Jeff said he is looking forward to doing things together with his son.

“I’m sure I have some wisdom I can impart,” he said.

Tiffany was able to maintain her fitness while she was pregnant by running six half-marathons and three 10-kilometer races.

Her last race was the Holiday Half on Dec. 11, 2011, weeks before she delivered.

“That one was a doozy,” Tiffany said about the Holiday Half. “I walked two, ran two. (Wyatt) was so big.”

She said she maintained a 12-minute mile pace. Toward the end, Jeff called her cellphone to find out where she was in the race and if she was doing OK.

“I just got passed by an 85-year-old woman in a pink zip-up fleece,” Tiffany said she told him. “She’s power walking, and I’m running.”

But she finished the race. Along the out-and-back course, returning runners gave her high fives, congratulating the soon-to-be mother on her accomplishment.

Both Tiffany and Jeff are from Lebanon.

Jeff graduated from Lebanon High School in 2000.

Tiffany attended Lebanon schools until her senior year, when she graduated from Crescent Valley High School in 2005.

The new grandparents are Casey and Sheryl Dorland, of Lebanon, Monica Neilson, of California, and Bill Flesher, of Lebanon.


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