John Lindsey was elected to his sixth consecutive term on the Linn County Board of Commissioners in Tuesday’s general election.

Lindsey, a Republican who resides in the Lebanon area, won handily over Democrat challenger Stephanie Newton.

Preliminary results released shortly after 9:20 p.m. had Lindsey with 57 percent of the votes compared to about 34 percent for Newton. Independent candidate Gary Sullivan received 8 percent of the votes in early returns.

Lindsey said that the economic accomplishments by the Linn County commissioners, such as enterprise zones, played a major role in his latest reelection.

"We have worked hard to bring a lot of employers to the area and a lot of investment in the area. We have had a lot of different cities that have worked with us on this," Lindsey said. 

As he was campaigning and knocking on doors, Lindsey said that he heard from many residents about the economy. 

"They really appreciate the things that the Linn County Board of Commissioners has been doing for people," Lindsey said. 

And he presented his victory as a vote for the current crop of commissioners as a whole.

"I'm just flattered again that the people of Linn County have such trust in the Board of Commissioners and myself," Lindsey said.

Newton had a positive outlook on the race, despite the loss. 

"I am a glass half-full kind of person, so… And I don’t have any regrets. I knocked on the doors. I hit almost 13,000 doors. I heard from so many people from all over the entire county. I want to challenge any of the current commissioners to do the same. Then they will really know what their county needs," Newton said. 

She wouldn't rule out another run for office, whether that's for a spot on the Linn County Board of Commissioners or another position in the interim. 

"I'm proud of the campaign I ran. And something that I'm really happy about is that I got to meet a lot of people," Newton said. 

"I'm really grateful I got to make a change by taking more transparency to the Board of Commissioners. I'm really hopeful voters will hold our commissioners accountable for the decisions they make and the dollars they spend," she added.

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