East Linn Christian Academy

East Linn Christian Academy announced its honor roll for second semester 2012-13. Below are the students, by grade and GPA.

4.0 GPA:

12th: Taylor Becker, Taylor Gassner, Kelsie Horner, Addie Johnson, McKenna Miner, Taylor Moore, Kody Osborne and Amelia Stieren;

11th: Anna Burkey, McKenzie Collins, Austin Horner, Cole Horner, Austin Kleint, Adrienne Koos, Marisa Puentes, Elizabeth Reardon, Shelby Taylor, Lewei Wang and Tyler Whitney;

10th: Mary Beeghly, Cody Christopher, Emma Kosmala, Penny Mason, Wyatt Osborne and Devin Peckfelder; Ninth: Joelle Engen, Hope Fears, Peyton Hanel, Sara Helfrich, Livvie Hindmarsh, Tianna Hooley, Jessica Johnson, Makayla Nelson and Orin Osborne;

Eighth: Lucia Davis, Julia Donner, McKayla Horner, Joshua Miner, Nickolas Steckley and Mackenzie Wilson; Seventh: Mia Davis, Jasmine Engen, Amber Fears and Nicolaus Walther; Sixth: Benjamin Johnson, Kody Jones, Nellie Kosmala and Rhett Osborne.

3.50-3.99 GPA:

12th: Ashley Adams, Kory Bates, Taylor Dawson, Joshua Gerig, Kassie Linville, Christopher Philipson and Emily Snyder; 11th: Donny Arndt, Tara Bates, Jayce Boyd, Alyssa Cannell, Sierrah Engwall, Lynn Han, Brock Moffet, Alec Powell, Xingchen Wan and Michael Whitehead;

10th: Cameron Cox, Yuhan Liu, Jessica Miner, Nicole Pearce and Ashley Powell; Ninth: Joanna Baker, Hailey Bardell, Megan Becker, Malachi Fisher, Amber Linville, Austin Linville, Bryant Mizsei, Rebecca Reardon, David Ropp, A J Sanders and Ross Walther;

Eighth: Bethany Miner, Sydney Nichol, Parker Stutzman and Isaac Villeneuve; Seventh: Seneca Arata, Rachel Busek, Ty Christopher, Kelton Gaskey, Taylor Grizzle, Jake Hindmarsh, Conner Peckfelder, Dahlia Rickman, Ericka Starr and Nicholas Vandehey;

Sixth: Grayson Fisher, Hayden Nichol, Jocelyn Peters, Alicia Powell and Jacob Vandehey.

Upper Iowa University

Stephen Zaina, of Lebanon, was awarded the William F. and LaVonne I. Gutc at Upper Iowa University’s 28th annual Scholarships and Awards Recognition Banquet..

This scholarship was endowed through the trust of La Vonne I. Gutches in memory of her husband, William F. Gutches, class of 1929, and an outstanding athlete at UIU, who went on to be a successful coach and athletic director.

The award is to be given to a deserving student majoring in physical education and can be renewed if the recipient meets the established criteria.


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