A Colorado Springs, Colorado, man pleaded guilty Friday morning in Linn County Circuit Court to second-degree assault – domestic violence.

Nick Ozwaldo Martin Pacheco, 29, was sentenced to nearly six years in prison.

The crime occurred in June 2017.

Prosecutor Coleen Cerda said that after Pacheco’s stepfather asked him for help cleaning up the family home, Pacheco hit him in the face with a pool cue. After the victim fell, he tried to deflect another blow from the pool cue, and it ended up shattering his arm when he blocked it, Cerda added.

The stepfather was taken to a hospital and suffers pain, stress and post-traumatic stress disorder from the incident, Cerda said. He also was afraid that Pacheco would come back and retaliate, she said.

Defense attorney Arnold Poole said that the pool cue didn’t have any relevant DNA on it. “We’re not sure exactly what happened,” he said.

Pacheco told Judge David Delsman that the prosecution’s version of events was incorrect, but he was happy with the plea deal and ready to accept the consequences of his actions.

“I hit him. I hurt him pretty bad,” Pacheco said.

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Charges of first-degree assault, unlawful use of a weapon, menacing and recklessly endangering another person, most of which were labeled as domestic violence, were dismissed as part of the negotiated settlement.

Pacheco was indicted in July 2018, and was arraigned on the charges in May.

In a brief interview after Friday morning’s hearing, Cerda said that it took authorities a while to gather evidence and to come to a charging decision.

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