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2010 Nonprofit Wish List

Helping out this Holiday Season

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2010 Nonprofit Wish List
Wish granted? Let us know by sending an e-mail to We'll check it off the list and pass your thanks on to the community. (Photo illustration by Wendy Kieffer | Gazette-Times)

Christmas is over, but it's not too late to make a 2010 charitable contribution to nonprofit organizations or help them with some of their wishes.

In the spirit of the holidays and giving, Mid-Valley Newspapers has compiled lists of items needed by nonprofit organizations in Benton and Linn counties.

Nonprofits play a vital role in our community's overall quality of life and have been hit hard by the economic downturn that has left even more people in need of their services.

More than 80 nonprofit groups, working to make a difference in everything from homelessness and hunger to the environment and animal welfare, from health and the prevention of abuse to education and the arts submitted lists earlier this month.

Items requested range from the very small -- canned food, toothbrushes and tube socks -- to the big wishes such as new service vehicles, even a new fishing dock.

Almost ever single group on the list would be happy to accept monetary donations or volunteer help.

We hope our readers and local businesses will find something in this year's list that inspires them to extend a helping hand.



Cash donations to be used to fund counseling for children and to fund the at risk girls group.

Family games such as Candyland, Yahtzee, Chutes and Ladders, Memory games, UNO

Chapter books (all levels)

Toilet Paper

Paper Towels

Journals (appropriate for teenage girls)

Ink jet printer

24-port wireless router

Contact: 541-926-2203 or Address: Mary Wickersham, PO Box 68, Albany, OR 97321.

Additional information: The ABC House is the designated Child Abuse Assessment Center for Benton and Linn counties

Tags: Linn County, Benton County, youth, abuse


Wishes: Donations will be used to help guarantee that A Home at CoHo, our first project, will always be available as an affordable rental to a low-income, physically disabled person who wishes to live in community.

Contact: Contact address: Debby Vajda, AHIC, P.O. Box 1733, Corvallis, OR 97339.

Tags: Benton County, housing, health, men, women


Wishes: Donations appreciated. Over the years AFFCAF has grown to provide financial assistance and short-term housing accommodations to victims of fires; taxi rides to the hospital when an ambulance is unwarranted; bike helmets so no local child rides without one; assistance to our senior resident community; residential fire sprinkler systems in Habitat for Humanity homes; meals and prescription medications for patients in need; first aid kits for youth sporting events; life safety vests for local water recreation activities; and more.

Contact: Lorri Headrick, AFFCAF Treasurer, 541-917-7706 or

Additional information: AFFCAF was established by City of Albany Fire Department (AFD) employees in August 2001 and was recognized as a nonprofit organization in October 2004. Albany Fire Department staff see emergency needs in our community firsthand, many of those needs being outside the scope as an emergency ambulance, fire, and rescue service provider.

AFFCAF’s mission statement is the same as that of the Albany Fire Department, “Prevent and Protect From Harm.” AFFCAF serves all residents living in the city of Albany, Albany Rural Fire Protection District, North Albany Rural Fire Protection District, Palestine Rural Fire Protection District, and the ambulance service district served by Albany Fire Department.

Tags: Linn County, emergency/crisis, families, education



Socks and Underwear

Toilet Paper

Paper Towels

Bath Towels

Twin Blankets

Twin Sheets

Feminine Hygiene Supplies

Laundry Soap


Disposable Razors



Antibiotic Ointment



Multiple Vitamins

Contact information: Paul N. Barnes, Executive Director Albany Helping Hands

Additional information: Albany Helping Hands is a 110 bed homeless shelter located in Albany.  We provide shelter, meals (3 per day, 7 days a week) and clothing to those in need. Last year, we served 750 individuals with 89,000 meals and 48,000 bed nights of service. 

Tags: Linn County, homeless, housing, food



Gift certificates to help leaders to spend time with teens

Karaoke machine

Board games for teens

Soft foam dodge balls

Name tags

Copy paper

Cardstock paper

Portable sound mixer

Extension cords

Two laptops

Prizes for game winners

Year-end gifts will be used to help us launch a team of leaders for outreach to kids who attend North Albany Middle School.

Contact: Donations can be given online at or mailed to PO Box 415, Albany 97321. Contact Person: Jeremy Ito. Phone: 541-905-0444

Tags: Linn County, youth, religious

Tags: Linn County, Benton County, women, families, health


Wishes: Sponsors, donataions.

Contact: Steve Cook, President, or call 541-753-3066, 1620 N.W. 23rd St., Corvallis, OR 97330.

Additional information: Albania is by far the poorest country in Europe and the educational system is awful.  The Albanian Alps Institute has been helping promising students in northern Albanian villages for nearly ten years.  Our philosophy is to dramatically change a few lives as opposed to slightly helping many.  Consequently, what we really need are sponsors to connect directly to a specific student (we focus on girls)--providing bus fare to high school or a small stipend to an elementary student to convince her and her parents that she should go to high school or high school scholarships to outstanding students to attend higher quality schools in the city.  Unrestricted donations go to buy library books and do small school repairs.  One example of "stuff" we can use are kindergarten level books to translate and send to kindergartens in our school district. Successes?  Two students on scholarship at OSU.  Two students at University of Shkoder, Albania.  First girls in history to attend high school from two villages.  Less dramatic, but equally important include 20 students with subsidized bus fare to high school, and four in the city attending high school.

Tags: Benton County, international, educations, youth, women


Wishes: The Albany Downtown Association (ADA) is currently looking for donations for the Downtown flower baskets for the 2011 season. The baskets go up the Sunday after Mothers Day and come down in mid-September. It costs the ADA $115 per basket to provide this (The baskets cost us $55 each and the care of each basket comes to about $60 for the season). Donations are welcome at anytime.

Contact: Oscar B. Hult, Executive Director, Albany Downtown Association, Albany Main Street Program, 541-928-2469, and

Additional information: ADA is a private, nonprofit membership organization dedicated to Albany’s downtown revitalization. Our purpose is to promote downtown Albany as the heart of our community and strengthen economic viability by encouraging business and enhancing the unique physical characteristics of historic downtown Albany. ADA is also a partner of the Oregon Cultural Trust allowing donors to take advantage of a special tax credit (see

Tags: Linn County


Wishes: ACE needs a laptop computer with Windows XP or Windows 7, capable of running desktop publishing software like Adobe InDesign or Microsoft Publisher. This will help us produce our monthly newsletter called the “Alsea Valley Voice” which keeps residents informed about local issues.

Contact: 541-486-4371, 541-487-5061 or Address: Mary Rounds (ACE board member), 19192 Alsea Highway, Alsea, OR 97324

Additional information: Established in 1995.

Tags: Benton County, rural, arts


Wishes: Alsea Rural Health Care could use software for newsletter productions.  We need Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign. We are happy to take software or donations toward purchase!

Contact: Mary Ann Carr, FNP, Alsea Rural Health Care, Inc., PO Box 229, Alsea, OR  97324-0229. Phone: 541-487-7116.

Tags: Benton County, rural, health



New sweatpants and sweatshirts in sizes for adults and children for victims of local house fires

New flip-flops in sizes for adults and children for victims of local house fires

New blankets or throw-size quilts for adults and children for victims of local house fires

Leaf blower

Leaf rake

Pruning shears

Projector that can be used to display for PowerPoint presentations

Flat screen television

New flooring for classroom

Contact: Lynda Lopez Morton via phone at 541-926-1543 or e-mail Address: 3388 Pacific Blvd. S.W., Albany, OR 97321.

Tags: Linn County, Benton County, emergency/crisis, families



We have about 550 girls in rural Zimbabwe that we would like to sponsor for 3 weekend camps where they receive guidance, counseling, health education, and all the basics of Girl Guides (UK equivalent of Girl Scouts).  We organize these camps and it only costs $15 per child to attend all 3 camps ($5 a weekend).  These girls also need underwear which costs $3 for 2 pair.  For $18 you can send a girl to camp and buy her panties all of which builds her self-confidence, esteem and empowerment!

We also have about 550 boys who would benefit greatly from a weekend camp 3 times a year.  These children have little to hope for as the country’s economy has deplorably deteriorated as has their health care and education systems.  The weekend camp costs would be $15 for the year, we have not yet held boy’s camps. 

Only eight out of 100 people have clean water to drink in our villages in rural Zimbabwe.  The cooperative building of one well costs $250 and serves an extended family for generations.  We built 42 wells in 2010 but have 436 to build. You can donate any amount of money and earmark it for well building.  This is a gift that keeps on living! 

Locally we would like to be able to bring the sweet marimba music from Zimbabwe into any Benton county schools whose children would otherwise not have access to music.  This could be as a cultural assembly performance ($150), afterschool classes, or in-residencies (class costs are dependent upon whether the school already has instruments).

And we greatly appreciate donations in any amount that are earmarked for our areas of greatest need!

Contact: Ancient Ways contact is Jaiaen Beck, 541-258-8710,, PO Box 346, Scio, OR 97374.

Tags: Linn County, international, youth, education, arts, food, water



Your household used goods or business excess inventory for resale at The Arc thrift stores in Corvallis (at 10th Street and Beca Avenue) and Philomath (at Main and 10th streets). Donated furniture will be picked up for free.

The Arc's Corvallis store hosts a Giving Tree for individuals withintellectual and developmental disabilities. Create Christmas joy! Choose a tag and shop for a gift for someone Christmas might otherwise pass by.

Staff to support community inclusion activities for individuals with IDD is a significant expense and the most valued by individuals and families of all The Arc's activities. A cash contribution is always put to good use: $1,200 subsidizes trained staff for a week of the Arc's programs; $100 supplies paint and paper for a month of Art Focus and Art for Careers programs; $25 supports one person with I/DD for a month of Drama Squad or one of the art programs. 

A cash contribution could also be made to maintain or repair one of the six low-income, special needs homes owned by The Arc.

Contact: 541-753-1711 or or e-mail Address: Karin Frederick, Executive Director, The Arc of Benton County, 414 N.W. Fourth St., Corvallis, OR 97330.

Additional information: Advocating for people with Developmental Disabilities since 1958.

Tags: Benton County, health, men, women, housing, arts.



Donations for children's scholarships for our year-round Globetrotters  8 a.m.-5 p.m. no-school-day arts and culture programming when parents have to go to work!

Donations to place ArtsCare artists at bedside in the dialysis unit at Good Samaritan Hospital.

Donations for ArtsCare Surviving to Thriving 6-week arts workshop for cancer survivors and families.

An updated digital camera to document The Arts Center's programming for our website and blog.

A good refrigerator for our kitchen to replace our old and failing one.

A good toaster oven for our stove-less kitchen.

Contact information: Sara Swanberg, Executive Director of The Arts Center, 700 S.W. Madison Ave., Corvallis, OR 97333. Phone: 541-754-1551. Website:

Tags: Benton County, arts, education



For babies: receiving blankets, onesies, diapers (newborn to size four), wipes, binkies, teething rings, tippy cups that do not spill, infant tooth brushes, baby spoons, forks, plates and cups. 

For baby safety: baby proofing kits to make the home safe for baby, baby safety gates.

Educational toys: large crayons (non-toxic), doodle pads, baby music, wooden puzzles (non-toxic), duplo's, nesting cups, large wooden spoons, baby rattles, 11/2 inch wooden blocks (non-toxic)/

Helps us support parents: 2 inch binders (colorful), poly binder/pockets, funds for baby board books

Contact information: Judy Treanor, RN MS, Program Coordinator, PO Box 100, 315 S.W. Fourth St. (Courthouse Annex), Albany, OR  97321. Phone: 541-967-3888 ext. 2676 or 541-250-9189. 

Additional information: Babies First of Linn County and Healthy Start of Linn County are a free and voluntary service - working with parents in the early years of their child's life. Our team of home visiting nurses and family support workers serve families with baby's newborn to five years of age.  We help families give their baby a healthy start and support them to the educational and resources available in our community. 

Tags: Linn County, Benton County, youth, families, educational, health



Webcam and microphone so patients are able to talk with family members who are out of the area

Nintendo Wii for our staff to use with patients who can no longer get out to participate in their favorite activities

Baby monitors

Twin-sized jersey contoured bed sheets

New Crayola washable markers for “Teddy Bear Bags” which given to young children

New flannel fabric for volunteers to make nightgowns for patients

Harp music CDs

Books from our Grass Roots Books & Music wish list

Contact: or 541-757-9616. Address: Karen Nousen, Outreach Coordinator, Benton Hospice Service, 2350 N.W. Professional Drive, Corvallis, OR 97330.

Tags: Benton County, health, families, men, women



For use on our home construction sites: six-step ladders, one ladder that reaches 28’, jig saw, worm drive, circular saw, chop saw, siding shears, airless paint gun, use of trailer (or pickup with rack) as needed to transport material to site

For operation at our ReStore: Heat seal ID size laminating pouches  2 5/8th  x 3 7/8th (for our volunteer ID badges), thermal laminating pouches (11 ½ x 17)  for signage

For our office: Sticky back velcro (15 ft x 3/3 in) for display boards, mailing seals (1” round, boxes of 600 labels) for newsletter mailings  

Contact: 541-752-3354, and on Facebook. Address: Bettina Schempf, executive director, Benton Habitat for Humanity, 1327 N.W. Ninth St., Corvallis, OR 97330.

Tags: Benton County, homeless, housing, families



CASA of Linn County is in the midst of a pajama drive for foster children and is seeking donations of new pajamas

Also: CASA is always in need of new socks and underwear. CASA serves children newborn through age 18 so all sizes are needed.

Contact: Donations of new pajamas can be dropped off at CASA of Linn County, 440 First Ave., Albany. Or at Albany's Old Navy during pajama drive.  

Additional information: A nonprofit agency that serves abused and neglected children. For more than 150 foster children throughout Linn County, the holidays are observed away from home and often away from family.  There are some children in Linn County that already face a holiday filled with cold comforts. By giving the gift of new pajamas you can make a difference in the lives of young people who are all too often overlooked or forgotten.  

Quote: “Our hope is be able to provide every child that CASA volunteers are serving with a pair of pajamas this holiday season. The children have been removed from their homes due to abuse and neglect, are in foster care and are legal wards of the dependency court. Help us make sure that each one of these children are remembered this holiday season.” – Lené Garrett, executive director

Tags: Linn County, youth



Three angels: 

One to manage the CASA website and Facebook

One to pay our rent, and

One to be a CASA Volunteer Fundraising Coordinator!

Angels are extra busy this time of year helping children with greater needs, we understand, so here are other things on ourwish list:

A paper cutter

Gift cards (Borders, Staples, Office Max)

Copy paper

Postage stamps

Paper towels and/or bathroom tissue

Contact: Maria Chavez-Haroldson, Executive Director, CASA - Voices for Children, PO Box 1870, Corvallis, OR 97339. Phone: 541 753-5838. E-mail: Website:

Tags: Benton County, youth, families, abuse


Wishes: These are a few essential items that we need on a regular basis for animal care at the Center:

• Good quality dog and cat food (dry and canned)

• Whole, unprocessed nuts (walnuts, filberts)

• Puppy and kitten powdered milk replacer (KMR/Esbilac)

• Paper towels

• Toilet paper (for lining baby bird nests)

• Bath towels

• Dish soap

• Laundry soap

• Bleach

• Floor cleaner

• Hand sanitizer

• Sponsor an animal: Choose a CWC gift sponsorship for the holidays, special event, or just because you are fond of these critters. Your sponsor money will help ensure that wild animals have a safe, secure place to recover and to receive plenty of Tender Loving Care.  Read more about it on the website,

Contact information:   Jeff Picton, or 541-745-5324.

Additional information: Chintimini Wildlife Center, is a non-profit, 501(c)(3), primarily volunteer, public service organization serving western Oregon. We have provided free medical care to more than 15,300 injured wild animals since 1989 at an average cost of nearly $100.00 per animal.

Tags: Benton, animals


Wishes: ChristWalk is asking you to help homeless men, women and families  find hope. As a non-profit organization, we run two transitional homes in Lebanon, a men’s and women’s and an apartment for homeless families.  Donations will assist us to fulfill our mission: “to provide supportive housing for homeless citizens of the greater Lebanon area, and to provide all necessary services in medical care, mental health guidance, financial management training, job training, and basic education, either directly or by referral to other social services. We will emphasize accountability and responsibility in order to prepare them to obtain jobs or benefit funding and permanent housing.”

Contact: 541-990-4536, Gina Vee, Development Director, ChristWalk, PO Box 695, Lebanon, OR 97355.

Tags: Linn County, housing, religious



New or gently loved toys and games: Lego's, Knex's building sets, Lego wheels and people

Literacy & Interactive Learning: Leap Pad Learn and Play System & Leap Pad Interactive Books, Magna Doodle (drawing boards), Etch-A-Sketch(s), Lego sets - Lego wheels & people, Read-Along Story Book/Cassette Sets, Board Games & Puzzles for all ages, Wooden puzzles for kinder kids, Pre-school & kinder games

Pretend Play: Doll Houses, furniture & dolls, Play food & dishes

Active Play: Jump Ropes - Beanbags - Playground & NERF Balls - Hula Hoops

Art: Paper - White and color, paints & brushes

Music: Boom Box type CD player. Interactive music & story CD's    

Supplies: Electric Pencil Sharpeners, Laminator & laminating plastic pouches, Fiskars Rotary Paper Cutter, Motivation & Achievement Stickers, Plastic Storage Bins w/lids ( shoe box size and bigger)


Contact inforamtion: CAP office 541-976-9322, e-mail, website


Additional information: We have nine site locations serving over 500 children ages 5 thru 12. Our mission is to provide safe, quality and affordable childcare. Our goal is to reduce the number of children alone or in poorly supervised situations during the before and after school hours and to increase opportunities for children to benefit from constructive activities supervised by responsible adults.


Tags: Linn County, youth, education, arts, families


Wishes: Toasters, Coffeemakers, Can openers (manual), Pots, pans, Utensils, Pillows (new), Blankets, Electric fans (box or table), Gift cards, Postage stamps, Personal hygiene supplies, Batteries (AA, AAA, C, D), Envelopes (various sizes), White plastic tubs, Pizza cutter, Small bowls, Tippy cups, Serving spoons, Small pitcher, Strainer, Kitchen Shears, Infant clothing (especially pants).

Contact: Kari Whitacre, Development Director, Community Outreach, 865 N.W. Reiman Ave., Corvallis, OR 97330. Phone: 541-758-3000. 

Additional information: We have listed a few items but would also like to emphasize the need for cash donations to help offset the cost of running the shelters, food banks and medical clinics. We are also in the middle of our annual “Gifts of Caring” campaign and our “Adopt-A-Family” campaign. For more information on either program please visit our website at

Tags: Benton County, food, homeless, men, women, families, health




Community Outreach of Corvallis would like to announce their annual Adopt- A-Family gift giving campaign. Each holiday season the Adopt-A-Family Campaign provides much needed clothing, household goods and toys to and very low income men, women, and families throughout Benton, Linn, and Lincoln County.  This holiday season, Community Outreach is reaching out to the residents of Benton, Linn and Lincoln Counties and asking them to participate in the 2010 Adopt-a-Family program. Adopting a family, individual, or child gives the donor the opportunity to meet the specific needs and wishes of a person who would otherwise go without. Through the kindness of the many donors, the 2010 Adopt-a-Family program can make a real difference in the lives of individuals who come from families with a history of domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse, homelessness, and chronic poverty.

To maintain your privacy, your personal information will not be given to your paired family or shared with any other organization. If the family wishes to give you a thank you card, Community Outreach will accept it on your behalf and send it to you at the address you provide below.

You will be contacted as soon as you are paired, and you will receive information about the family so you may provide them with appropriate gifts.

All gifts should be wrapped. The gift must be labeled with easily removable tags that include the family ID and the individual’s first name.

Please do not give perishable foods.

If possible, deliver gifts Monday-Friday from 9-5pm. Please deliver gifts to Community Outreach no later than Monday, December 20.

Contact: Gerry Perrone, Director of Community Services, 541-758-3000,

Additional information: Founded in 1971, Community Outreach provides basic human services for homeless and very low income individuals and families in the mid-Willamette Valley, including emergency shelter, transitional housing, therapeutic childcare, a food bank, medical and dental clinics, and rehabilitative counseling. The address is 865 N.W. Reiman Ave., Corvallis.

Tags: Benton County, families, men, women, housing, homelessness, health, emergency/crisis, recovery, food


Wishes: Spiral binder ($400) & 25 T-shirts ($300) for B&J Bookbinding. Craft supplies & clay glaze ($300) for the Community Access Program. DVD/VCR ($150) CD player ($50) & Planting supplies ($300) for Colorwheel Gardens. One dozen Cambro storage containers (14 ea.), six 2-quart measuring cups ($12 ea.), 36 cookie scoopers ($11 ea.), table wrapper ($350), conveyor toaster ($400), 2 stools ($100 ea.) and six Rubbermaid bins ($280 ea.) for Taylor Street Ovens, Stihl weed whip ($350) for Cornerstone Landscape Maintenance, small tools ($250) for Cornerstone Wood Products. Hoover vacuum ($300) for Crystal Lake Janitorial.10-50 gallon mail totes on wheels ($109 ea.) for Packaging Plus. T

Contact information: or 541-752-9724. Address: 1445 Southeast Crystal Lake Drive, Corvallis, OR 97333-1203.

Tags: Benton County, employment, health



Coffee, tea, hot cocoa

Creamer and sugar

Paper supplies such as small plates, bowls, napkins and plastic forks and spoons, coffee cups

First-Aid supplies

Donations to help pay our rent and other expenses

Contact: Aleita Haas-Holcombe or Sue Schulz at 541-740-3235.

Additional information: The CDDC is a drop in center located in the basement of First Christian Church in Corvallis, we rent the space from the church. The mission of the CDDC is to respond to the significant needs of individuals, especially those who are experiencing homelessness, low-income, mental health or dual diagnosis issues by providing dignified practical assistance and advocacy. The Drop-In Center strives to meet immediate needs including shelter from weather, light food, distribution of basic items, healthy socialization, referral/point of entry for other community resources.

Quote: “Our organization operates on volunteer power and appreciates any donations that are made” -- Sue Schulz

Tags: Benton County, homeless, food, health, men, women



Art (We are decorating a new office and welcome art that reflects our vibrant, ecologically minded community.)

Lawn Signs (If you have left-over lawn signs from campaigns, we will reprint them for our environmental outreach programs. We will happily accept batches of 12 or more signs that are the same size, but we cannot use single lawn signs at this time).

Microscopes in good working condition

No VOC white paint

Arts and craft supplies (e.g., pencils, pens, crayons, and markers in good condition).

Towels (any size, especially hand towels)

Garden supplies: lawn mower, garden gloves, greenhouse, propane tanks (30lb),  wheelbarrow, weed whacker, asparagus starts, perennial herbs, seeds, hose(s), cooler.

Office supplies: laminator, desktop copy machine, digital camera, flat screen computer monitor, projector for computer, binders, and laptop computers (to be used by a team of amazing interns for the next three years).

Office furniture: 3 floor lamps, 2 bookshelves, 2 desks (preferably “L” shaped desks with drawers), 2 office chairs, 15 folding chairs, 2 folding tables (preferably light ones so they can be easily transported), a white board and markers, and a filing cabinet.

 Food donations: We welcome gift certificates to restaurants and grocery stores and non-perishable food donations, which we will use at volunteer events.

Contact Information: Brooke, 541-753-9211 or Address: 214 S.W. Monroe Ave., Corvallis, OR 97333. Website:



Monetary donations that will assist in the building of wells for local and rural residents in Gondar, Ethiopia (presently drilling our fourth well this year)

Monetary donations for the purchase of tree seedlings for soil erosion prevention and rehabilitation of the watershed areas

Monetary donations for the construction of efficient burning stoves for heating and cooking (a present project of Oregon State University student Courtney Holley and her fellow engineering and forestry students at OSU in co-sponsorship with C-GSCA

Books and magazines for the library at Tsadiku Yohannes Elementary School, Gondar, Ethiopia

Art supplies and instant cameras for arts projects with children at Tsadiku Yohannes, Gondar, Ethiopia.

School supplies of pencils, crayons, paper, etc.

Contact: Don Prickel, Ph.D., Co-President, Corvallis-Gondar Sister Cities Association, 1630 S.W. Allen St., Corvallis, OR 97333. Phone: 541- 754-5608 or 541-760-0252. Website:

Tags: Benton County, international, environment, education



CMRU needs to replace six rescue ropes. The unit uses specially designed and rated ropes to access and safely evacuate injured patients. There are two categories of ropes: Quantity four (4): $120/each and quantity two (2): $100/each.

CMRU is also in need of replacing six batteries for our portable radios used in communications during search and rescue missions: Radio battery, quantity six (6): $85/each.

Contact: or Address: Todd Shechter, Corvallis Mountain Rescue Unit, PO Box 116, Corvallis, OR 97339-0116.

Additional information: Corvallis Mountain Rescue Unit offers assistance, without charge, for search and rescue in difficult areas and high-angle terrain. Skilled CMRU volunteers with mountaineering experience, trained in the many facets of technical alpine search and rescue, are available around the clock.

Quote: “CMRU is grateful for the support of our community and to the Gazette-Times for offering this venue.” – Todd Shechter, Corvallis Mountain Rescue

Tags: Benton County, emergency/crisis



good knives

reusable coffee filters for Bunn Commercial Coffee Maker

immersion blender - preferably commercial grade



1-gallon water pitchers

black permanent markers

1" masking tape

ballpoint pens

reusable tablecovers for 7'x3' tables

Contact information: Susan Dunham, 2241 N.W. Kleinschmidt Place, Corvallis, OR 97330. Phone: 541-757-9725.

Tags: Benton County, food



Towels or chamois for washing cars.

Year’s supply of coffee for our volunteers (1½  pounds per month)

Year’s supply of copy paper (15 5,000 sheet cases)

ID badgemaker (for volunteer identification)

Contact: 541-757-2514 Address: Celeste Weaver de Balan, 605 N.W. 27th St., Corvallis, OR 97330. 

Tags: Benton County, transportation, seniors, men, women, health



Below is a list of items for elementary, junior high and high school


Tall lamp

Paper shredder

Bean bag chairs

Mini personal white boards

Dry erase markers

Plastic light weight folding tables

Document cameras

Projectors or large LCD televisions

New desks for classrooms

More computers for library/classrooms

Money for science projects/dissections

Smart boards

Sound system for track

More hurdles for track

Contact: 541-259-2324 or Address: James Hill, Superintendent, East Linn Christian Academy, 36883 Victory Drive, Lebanon, OR 97355.

Quote: “Thank you so much for thinking of us during the Holiday season and any donation will be a blessing.” – James Hill, ELCA superintendent

Tags: Linn County, education, religious, youth 


Wishes: The museum is not online yet. They have only one computer and is only used to scan photos that are donated. They are in need of another computer so they can get online and have an e-mail address so people can contact them. The museum also has a large amount of family folders and files on other resources of Linn County. The museum is 100 percent run by volunteers. The computer would help them draw in visitors and let them view the wonderful inventory we have here. The museum would also like a large digital photo display in which we can run continuous photos of the past. The museum was the recipient of 1,000 glass negatives that have been scanned to to a CD. The photos were from the early 1900s of the area, which includes, schools, students, families, farms, logging and people, just to name a few. We also have numerous CD's of interest to the public, and if we had a large digital photo display, we could give the public a wonderful treat.

The museum could also use a variety of acid free photo safe boxes.

Contact: Terri Rice Lanini, volunteer and board member, East Linn Museum, or 541-543-5455.

Tags: Linn County, history, education



Wish List:  Diapers size 4-6, diaper wipes, toilet paper, household cleaning supplies and laundry supplies.  Volunteers to work in our morning classrooms 9:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Monetary donations go to support our Early Childhood Therapeutic Preschool program for children ages 2to 5 whose families face a variety of stressors that make it challenging to parent their children.  Also, donations go to support our Parenting Education classes where parent can come and learn new ways to parent their children that nurtures their development and family togetherness. Classrooms operating in each community.

Contact: Renee Smith, Executive Director Family Tree Relief Nursery, 1100 Jackson St. S.E., Albany OR, 97322. Mailing address: PO Box 844, Albany OR 97321. Phone: 541-967-6580.

Additional information: Family Tree Relief Nursery, serving Albany, Lebanon and Sweet Home. A child abuse and neglect prevention organization: Keeping children safe and families together.

Tags: Linn County, Benton County, youth, families, abuse



Friends of the Family is currently collecting new sleeping bags to donate to local homeless shelters. .

Its child therapist are gathering art and craft supplies to do therapy projects with clients.  Needed are pipe cleaners, construction paper, clay, stickers, yarn, beads, colored pencils and popsicle sticks.

Monetary donations can be made to the ministry to purchase these items.

Contact: 541-757-1761 or Address: Cindy Crook, Community Relations, Friends of the Family Ministries, 505 N.W. Harrison Blvd, Corvallis OR 97330.

Quote: “Share the warmth of Christmas by providing bedding for a man, woman or child.”

Tags: Benton County, homeless, youth, health, religious


Wishes: Donations for the Library Building Fund, because the library is in desperate need of more space.

Contact: Linda Ziedrich, president of the Friends, call 503-394-3643. The Friends' address is P.O. Box 283, Scio, Oregon 97374. The Friends have a webpage at Click on "About us" and then "Friends of the Scio Public Library."

Tags: Linn County, education, arts, rural



A $40 donation to Furniture Share’s “Beds for Kids” campaign sets up a child with a donated mattress, pillow, sheets and a blanket. Businesses can contribute as well. South Pacific Auto Sales in Albany, for instance, donated enough money for 62 beds.

A $40 donation to Furniture Share’s new “Feeding Our Future” campaign gives a dining room table to a family in need. The program also provides families with mealtime conversation starters and with five-ingredient meal ideas that can be made in less than 40 minutes for $10.

Also needed: Reams of standard white printer paper, stamps, and monetary donations.

Contact: Mona M. Moody, Resource Development Coordinator, 541-754-9511,

Tags: Benton County, Linn County, housing, families, youth



97 percent of all monetary donations are used to pay shipping costs of care packages to the troops or purchase special troop request items.

Most common request items from troops are: food (snacks, tuna packets, gum, microwaveable, health food), coffee and drink mixes, toiletries (body wash, shampoo, deodorant, razors, shaving cream in tubes), feminine supplies, socks, tan t-shirts, travel-size games, sheets, towels, and most of all notes encouragement from people back home.

Volunteers are needed to help with packing boxes, writing notes, gathering donations, and much more.

Contact: or 541-971-2671 Address: Sharon Crary, PO Box 2405, Albany, OR 97321.

Additional information: Give2TheTroops sends monthly customized care packages to troops in combat zones. We have three branches located in CT, NC, and the OR/WA branch which is based in Albany. Troops go to our web site and register to be a point of contact for their unit. We ship hundreds of large (20-50 pound) care packages every month.

Tags: Linn County, military, international


Wishes: Shower chair, light therapy lamp, bicycle pump, bingo playing machine with cards and balls, full-length DVD movies, unscented lotions, espresso machine, recliner lift chairs (new or used), tissue, finger nail clippers and files, Crystal Light drink mix, sugar free Jello mix and instant pie mix, hand sanitizer, 3 and 8 ounce paper cups, HE laundry detergent (unscented), dishwashing soap, herbal teas, decaf teas and coffee, regular coffee, paper plates, flavored coffee creamers, copy paper.

Also: $10-$30 scholarship discounts to help participants afford to spend a day at the center, Michael’s gift certificates for craft projects.

Contact: 541-754-8417 or Address: Fran L. Douglas, Grace Center for Adult Day Services, 980 N.W. Spruce Ave., Corvallis, OR 97330.

Tags: Benton County, health, women, men, recovery



Truck – A truck is greatly needed to haul restoration materials to lands conserved by GLT. In need of a pickup truck, minimum 1/2 ton, in useable condition. (3/4 ton and 4-wheel-drive a plus)

ATV – a 4-wheel-drive to use for property management.

Easels – GLT presents to community groups, schools, and statewide agencies throughout the year about conservation in our region. We are in need of one to three metal easels to display mounted maps and materials.

Donations – In order to protect and conserve the most important lands to our community, we rely on your support to sustain our annual operations. Become a member of Greenbelt Land Trust, or make a gift of membership during the holidays to a loved one.

Contact: 541-752-9609 or Address: Jessica McDonald, 101 S.W. Western Blvd. Suite 111, Corvallis, OR 97333

Additional information: “Preserving lands in the mid-Willamette Valley.”

Tags: Benton County, environmental, rural



High quality (Science Diet, Iams, Innova, California Natural, Natural Choice, Pro Plan etc) dry cat/kitten food.

Wet cat food

High quality dog/puppy food


Dog rawhides, bones, tough dog toys, dog treats

Cat toys

Bedding for cats and dogs, blankets, sheets (new or used)

Puppy housetraining pads

Small animal supplies

Batteries (AA, D, 9V)

Windex, bleach, rubbing alcohol

Copy machine/printer paper


Contact: or 541-757-9000 or Address: Anna M. Lopez, Resource Development Director, Heartland Humane Society, 398 S.W. Twin Oaks Circle, Corvallis, OR 97330.

Tags: Benton County, animals 



Rain gear for 20 kids (sized for middle school students) - for wetweather field trips

Five shovels - for student planting projects

Pop up canopy - for educational events

Car - for travel to local schools and field trip sites

Cash donations to support the program

Contact: Jody Einerson, 563 S.W. Jefferson Ave., Corvallis, OR 97330. Mailing address: PO Box 2855, Corvallis, OR 97339-2855. Phone: 541-753-3099 ext. 302. Website:

Additional information: IAE provides meaningful hands-on outdoor stewardship programs for hundreds of local K-12 school students. Our projects engage local schools with nearby native wetlands where students plan and participate in restoration projects and reintroduction of endangered plant species. We work with the students throughout the school year in the classroom and greenhouse, teaching students about ecology, botany and horticulture. In the fall, students participate in sitepreparation efforts and direct seeding activities involving rarespecies.  In the spring, the students plant the fruits of theirpropagation efforts and monitor the success of previous restoration efforts and their direct seeding activities.  We work closely with teachers and land managers to ensure the efficient coordination and scientific integrity of the restoration. IAE's ecological education programs engages Corvallis area students instewardship that provides valuable skills in ecological restorationand scientific inquiry as well as a sense of place and hope for thefuture.

Tags: Benton County, environment, education, youth



Swiffer Wet Jet Pads

Swiffer Wet Jet Solution

Twin Plastic Mattress Covers

Paper Towels


Large Bath Towels (new)


Kitchen Wash Cloths

Socks (new)

Sweatpants (new)

Pajamas (new)

Undergarments (new)

Head Phones (12 or more pairs)

PG-13 or Below DVD's (new releases)

Wii Games (any Dance Dance Revolution (DDR), Rockband Beatles/Rockband 3, Sonic and Mario Winter Olympics, Wii Active, Hasbro Family Game Night 1 and 2, Game Show Games, Wii Play)

Wii Rockband Guitar

Wii Guitar Hero Guitar

3 Wii Nunchucks

Batteries (all sizes)

Tire Pump w/ Sports Ball Attachment

Card Games (Fluxx, Slamwich, etc)

Board Games (any version of Scene It, Sorry Sliders, Buzzword, Last Word, etc)

Bike Locks (12 or more)

Bike Helmets (12 or more)

Art Supplies (new)

Blank Paint Canvases

Embroidery Floss

Knitting Looms and Yarn

Coloring Books

Chair Bean Bags

High Energy Laundry Detergent

All In One Printer (new)

Gift Cards (Grocery, Music, Clothing, Restaurant, Craft, Shoe stores)

Small Pressure Washer

Adopt Our Utility Bill for a Month

To help us continue to support youth, cash donations are always appreciated.

Contact Information:  KendraSue Phillips-Neal: Shelter Director, 541-754-2404, 555 NW Jackson Ave, Corvallis OR 97330. Website:

Tags: Youth, housing



In need of cash donations for the medical care of the animals in our K-9 Homefinder’s care, which includes about 30 dogs and six cats as of the first week of December.

Pedigree dog food (small bite size, so all the dogs can eat it, both wet and dry).

Bleach, laundry detergent, blankets and leashes.

Toys, and treats would be loved by our K-9 “kids” as well.

Contact: 541-926-5629 or See also on Facebook. Address: Fran Kreger, director K-9 Homefinders & Rescue, Inc.  P.O. Box Albany, OR. 97321.

Additional information: K-9 Homefinders & Rescue, Inc. is a no-kill foster home rescue, that has been helping animals and their people for 30 years.

Tags: Linn County, animals



Throughout the school year we take students on many field trips. On outdoor field trips, we go to pumpkin patches, apple orchards and parks. Because it frequently rains, it would be helpful if we had rain boots and slickers available for use on field trips. Often we attach plastic bags to kids' feet with rubber bands to keep their feet dry. Many of our families cannot afford rubber boots for their families. 

So, we would like a set of boots and slickers for use on field trips. We have sites in Albany, Jefferson, Lebanon, Sweet Home, Philomath, Harrisburg, and Brownsville. We serve traditional preschool children as well as Early Head Start children (birth through 3).

This would amount to:

200 pairs of assorted preschool sized boots

35 pairs of toddler sized boots

200 preschool sized slickers

35 toddler sized slickers

Contact information: Melissa Bergstrom, Family Advocate, Riverside Center, 35140 SW Meadow Lane, Albany, OR  97321, Phone: 541-967-1044 or 541-974-012. E-mail:  or

Tags: Benton County, Linn County, youth, education, families


Wishes: The costs of producing concerts, especially to purchase music, has gone up dramatically. We borrow or rent as much music as we can, but we still have to budget $500 per concert for music. Our wish would be for funds to purchase music for our spring pops concert on April 10, 2011 and next year's classical winter concert in December.  Both concerts would require $1,000 for music. 

Contact: Anne Johnson, 29785 Bartels Creek Drive, Lebanon, Oregon 97355. Phone: 541-258-6511.

Additional information: The Chorus has been performing choral music in Lebanon since1966, and since the early 1980's we have been regularly performing benefit concerts for local social service organizations and school music programs.  We give two concerts a year, our classical winter concert and our spring pops concert.  We have grown from 20 plus singers to over 40 in our concerts, and we became non-profit in April 2008. 

Tags: Linn County, arts


Wishes: Donations of food- fresh and non- perishable items, pet food, diapers (adult and baby size), formula, gluten free/sugar free items, gas vouchers and money.

Contact: 541-451-1085. Address: Tasha Dodge, Lebanon Gleaners, 2437 S. Santiam Highway, Lebanon.

Additional information: The Lebanon Gleaners hand out non-emergency food boxes each week to more 300 people. Open on Mondays and Tuesdays; and distributing food from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Quote: “We have no government funding ... thank you for your help.”

Tags: Linn County, food, families, men, women, rural



We do a monthly grocery giveaway to needy families in Benton County. We are always in need of non-perishable food donations. Please be sure the food is not out of date.  Food can be dropped off at Corvallis Evangelical church, 1525 N.W. Kings Blvd. from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.  Monday to Thursday.

Tax-deductible financial donations are also always needed and are divided between literacy and school projects for the poor in India and Uganda and for the grocery giveaway program locally.

Two ways to contribute: use pay-pal on our website or mail checks made to Life Seeds to the PO Box. You will receive a receipt.  

Contact:, call 541-758-9122 or e-mail: Address: Rob Becker, PO Box 174, Corvallis, OR  97339.

Additional information: Life Seeds mission is to sow life in word and deed.  We have programs in Corvallis, Oregon and in India and Uganda.

Tags: Benton County, international



Wishes: Grain, hay, medical supplies, outside hay feeders, barn paint, any type of building materials, horse care items, water tanks, feeders, any type of farm equipment, and of course money donations. Everything donated is tax deductible.

Contact: See or contact Lynette Jones or leave a message 541-258-3422. Address: Linn County Animal Rescue, PO Box 2669, Lebanon, OR 97355.

Additional information: Linn County Animal is a nonprofit equine rescue. There are no paid staff, 100 percent of everything goes to caring for the abused and neglected horses.

Quote: “Speaking for those that canʼt."

Tags: Linn County, animals



Donations for child abuse prevention educational materials and community awareness events.

Volunteer for any agency or activity to help make our community a place where children are protected, nourished and cherished.

Contact: Marsha Swanson, 541-619-8321, or

Tags: Linn County, youth, abuse


Wishes: New or used Legos to be used for afterschool programs and activities throughout Linn County.

Contact: Melanie Mintken, 4-H Educational Program Assistant, Linn County OSU Extension Service, PO Box 765, Albany, OR 97321. E-mail: Phone:541-967-3871. Website:

Tags: Linn County, rural, education, youth


(Love INC)


Toilet paper

Diapers (different sizes)

Wet Wipes

Juice boxes for the women’s cold weather shelter

Granola and Snack bars for women’s cold weather shelter

Good Used Towels

Postage Stamps

Four wheel walkers with brakes and a seat

Good bicycles for people who need them for work or school


Gift cards to be used for teen’s Christmas gifts

Contact information: Wilma Van Schelven, Executive Director. Love In the Name of Christ (Love INC) of Benton County, 2330 N.W. Professional Drive, Corvallis. Help Line:  541-757-8111




Volunteers to assist in the daily operations of 1st Hand Second’s – Unique Boutique. 

Sponsorship and Support for building lease of 1st Hand Second's - Unique Boutique.

Lighting for 1st Hand Second's - Unique Boutique.

Storage Facilities (to house donation overflow and Mercy House donations).

Financial Support and Donations for Mercy House International, Inc.

Contact: Mercy House International, Inc. recently celebrated the Grand Opening of our new store 1st Hand Second’s - Unique Boutique.  We are located at 325 1st Avenue, West in Downtown Albany.  We are open Monday-Saturday, 10am-6pm.  We can be reached at 541-928-6909 or 541-990-7907. Website: Also on Facebook. Contact person: Deborah J. Boulanger, President, 541-990-7907.

Additional information: We would like to introduce you to Mercy House International, Inc., a faith-based, non-profit ministry dedicated to women and their dependent children recovering from abusive relationships. We are located in Linn County serving the needs of Linn and Benton County families traumatized by Domestic Violence.

1st Hand Second’s - Unique Boutique will be generating funds to expand our resources reaching out to victims of domestic violence. Our extensive recovery program will include Support, Mentoring, Resource Referral, Education, Clothing, Life Skills, Bible Study and Church Attendance.  In addition to our individually tailored program, we will be opening a long term residence house (Mercy House) to allow for life change and healing from the trauma caused by abuse.

We invite you to participate in the support of Mercy House International, Inc. and wish to thank you in advance for your generosity.  If you are unable to give of your time, we accept clothing donations that can be dropped off at the store and monetary donations that can be given at the store or at our website,

Tags: Linn County, religious, families, abuse


Wishes: Donations to the Monteith Historical Society (to be used to maintain and operate the Historic Monteith House Museum in Downtown Albany).

Contact: 541-979-9108 or Address: Monteith Historical Society, Oscar Hult, president, 240 Second Ave. S.W. No.120, Albany, OR 97321.

Additional information: The Monteith House was built by Albany's founders Thomas And Walter Monteith in 1849, it was Albany's first wood frame building, and consequently is now the oldest building in town. The Monteith Historical Society is nonprofit formed in 1978 to restore the house to be used as a house museum to interpret the founding of Albany and the pioneer era. The museum opened to the public in 1983. The Monteith Society is also a partner of the Oregon Cultural Trust allowing donors to take advantage of a special tax credit (see

Tags: Linn County, history, arts, education


Wishes: Potential donors are encouraged to visit our website at and support mitigation of toxins from watersheds.  Donations will used as matching funds to implement projects within local watersheds in Benton, Linn and Lane counties

Contact: Robert Turner, 406 S. 30th St., Philomath OR 97370. Call 541-231-8251 or e-mail

Additional information: A public benefit organization that promotes the removal of hazardous materials spilled or leaching into important fish and wildlife habitats; within valuable ecosystems.

Tags: Benton County, Linn County, environmental



Gas cards will be used for families of soldiers who have returned from deployments with injuries or mental issues. these soldiers are being held over at fort Lewis in Washington at fort Lewis, medical center. Families are traveling from home to Washington to visit their soldier and be involved in their treatment. this has caused a stress on the family budgets for gas and grocery's for the trip.

Groceries: OPH has two food pantries in the state of Oregon one in Albany and one in Portland. We service the whole state of Oregon and use gift cards for the families out side the food pantry areas

We provide emergency financial assistance to military families. We have paid utility bills to keep from shut offs. Pre Paid utility gift certificates for Utility companies throughout the state would be used for this purpose.

Christmas Shoppe: this is a service provided to military children to come in and pick out a brand new gift for their immediate family members. We are accepting brand new unwrapped toys for this program.

Non-perishable food items will be distributed through the food pantries for military families.

Contact: or 541-981-2186. Address: Christine Strawn, Chapter President, 1879 S.E. 14th Ave. Albany, OR 97322.

Additional information: Oregon’s Operation Homefront  provides emergency financial assistance to Oregon's deployed military families and wounded warriors when they return home and other services. It serves the whole state of Oregon and all branches of military.

Tags: Benton County, Linn County, military, families, food



Digital Cameras and Photo Printers

Digital Projector

Wagons (ie; Radioflyer)

Picnic Table

Small Sofas

Bird Feeders

Food Processor

Small microwave

Small Fridge

Wheel Barrow (large)

Diapers (sizes 5-6)

Toilet paper

Laundry Detergent and other cleaning products

Towels (dish towels and regular size bath towels)

Contact: 541-757-8068 or Address: Lin Parkison, Development Officer, Old Mill Center for Children and Families, 1650 S.W. 45th Place, Corvallis, OR 97333.

Tags: Benton County, youth, families, education



Options PRC will always accept cash donations for general operation expenses. Options PRC provides pregnancy testing and pregnancy confirmation through limited obstetrical ultrasound.  All services are provided at no cost.

This year Options PRC is also seeking donations of new car seats to provide to the graduates of our Building Blocks program.  In this class, participants learn parenting skills.  The car seats we use are listed on our gift registry at  Registry name is Options Pregnancy (first name) Resource Centers (last name).  We do not give away any used car seats.

Contact: Karen Tameling, Executive Director, Options Pregnancy Resource Centers, 867 N.W. 23rd St., Corvallis, OR 97330. Phone: 541-758-3662;  409 First Ave. W., Albany, OR 97321. Phone: 541-924-0160. Website:


Wishes: Oregon Family Support Network in Benton County runs Family Support and Teen Groups for families who have children and adolescents with emotional, behavioral, mental and/or physical challenges and special needs.

We need donations to cover the free dinners we provide for families when we meet. Money or gift certificates for Winco or Little Ceasar's would be great. $20 feeds 20 people.

In the summer we rent Otter Beach for an hour to give families a chance to use a less crowded facility. In 2010 this cost $275 and made a huge difference to the 100 people who came.

When we meet we provide childcare so that parents and caregivers can relax and talk. This costs between $50 and $175 per evening for caregivers who have the skills to handle these children.

Please sponsor an event. All donations are welcome.

Contact: 541-740-6306 or Hilary Harrison. Oregon Family Support Network, PO Box 579, Corvallis, 97339-0579.

Additional information: In 2010, the Corvallis and Philomath based groups included more than 40 local families needing support from across the county. In 2011 Family Support Groups will be running monthly in Corvallis, Philomath and Monroe.

Tags: Benton County, families



Donations to help us purchase a $2,000 piece of medical equipment that the Oregon Health Plan will not pay for. 

In need of used recliners in good condition, and new or gently used sheets and towels. 

Due to diet restrictions for its clients, the nonprofit is in need of used blenders and food processors. 

Contact: 541-812-7735 or Address: Karen Litwiller, OMRS, 5353 Columbus, Albany, OR 97322. 

Additional information: Oregon Mennonite Residential Services has been operating group homes for adults with developmental disabilities since 1986. They have homes is in Albany and Sweet Home.  The state’s cuts to the private not-for-profit providers of services to people with developmental disabilities are creating challenges for the nonprofit.

Tags: Linn County, health, men, women



Cash donations will be used to help our counselors provideaffordable counseling for our clients in need with adjustable fees based on their ability to pay

Heavy-duty, micro-cut paper shredder

LCD projector for PowerPoint presentations

Gift cards to Staples or OfficeMax for miscellaneous office supplies

Contact: 541-753-9217 or Address: Anthony Terndrup, executive director; 602 S.W. Madison Ave., Corvallis, OR 97333.

Tags: Benton County, religious 



Our number one item is FOSTER HOMES, followed by dog food, dry and canned.  We prefer high quality dog food, if possible.  Donations of cash are also appreciated, or course. Our donations are reserved for medical costs, and we work with volunteer labor from our family members and a few foster homes. 

We can pick up donations most evenings in the Corvallis area and by arrangement in Albany and Lebanon. 

Contact: Paul Deatherage, President, Pet Adoption Network, Inc., Philomath, OR 97370. Phone: 541-929-5941.

Additional information: Pet Adoption Network, Inc. is a dog rescue group based in the mid-Willamette Valley, (Philomath to Lebanon) that hosts adoption events at both the Albany and Corvallis Petco Stores.  PAN  has assisted about 110 dogs so far this year and currently has 28 dogs listed on its website at and our main contact phone number is our home phone number 541-929-5941. 

Tags: Benton County, Linn County, animals



Monetary donations... to help pay for cat spay/neuter surgeries

Gas cards... to help with transport expenses

Advantage flea control meds... as each cat must be flea-free prior to fixing

Cat food... for cats awaiting adoption in volunteer foster homes and/or to feed local feral cat colonies

Contact: Address for monetary donations: POPPA, Inc., PO Box 5721, Beaverton, OR 97008. To make donations of gas cards, Advantage, or cat food, please call our local volunteer at 541-928-2543. To learn more about POPPA, Inc., please visit our website at or call 503-626-4070. 

Additional information: Pet Over-Population Prevention Advocates (POPPA), Inc., has been directly responsible for fixing 630 cats in Linn and Benton Counties in 2009 and 925 in 2008.  Like the 52 cats that got fixed with POPPA, Inc. funds, at one Corvallis homeless camp -- 36 of those cats were removed from the camp and put up for adoption.  Four are still awaiting adoption at a foster home in Albany. And, a POPPA volunteer continues to take the three campers there each a 20 lb bag of cat food at least once a month, to feed those left, when she can scrounge the money.  Almost all of POPPA's funds are raised via private donations.  Every dime we take in goes directly to help fix cats, as we are an ALL volunteer run nonprofit organization working to reduce the number of homeless cats in Oregon through spay/neuter of companion animals and education of the need for spay/neuter of ALL pets BEFORE they reproduce.

Quote: "Thank you for helping us wipeout cat homelessness, abuse, and neglect!” – Keni Cyr-Rumble, POPPA president

Tags: Benton County, Linn County, animals


Wishes: Needs donations of services and merchandise to offer at annual live and silent auction on Feb. 6.

Contact: 541-929-2672 or Address: Doni Manning-Cyrus, PO Box 125, Philomath, OR 97370. 

Tags: Benton County, education



Monetary donations (to purchase sewing supplies and pay for operating expenses)

Scissors (good quality)

Padded folding chairs 

Contact: 541-745-5870 or June Nielsen, Quilts from Caring Hands, 946 N.W. Circle Blvd.  No. 238, Corvallis, OR  97330.

Additional information: Mission: To make and donate quilts to at-risk children in the local area.

Tags: Benton County, youth, families, arts 



Cat supplies: Non-clumping cat litter, canned cat food, kitten and cat food (Purina or Kirkland brands), stainless steel cat dishes, cat toys.

Dog supplies: Dry dog food (Pedigree or Kirkland), jerky dog treats, washable dog toys, spray cheese, dog collars and leashes, pill pockets.

Office supplies: Postage stamps, copy paper, laminating sheets, binder clips, sticky notes, pens, scissors, message books.

Gift cards to local businesses: Costco, Wal-Mart, Wilco, Coastal Farm Supply, Staples, Home Depot.

Cleaning supplies: 13 and 33 gallon trash bags, bleach, paper towels, toilet paper, simple green, laundry soap, disinfectant wipes, sprayers (like kind used to spray weeds), hoses.

Contact: 541-928-6280 or Address: 33071 Highway 34, Albany, OR.

Tags: Linn County, animals


Wishes: The Santiam Valley Grange’s after-school activity program needs monetary donations. The program costs about $30 a month to put on and runs for 10 months of the year.

Contact: 541-258-6171. Address: Dottie Maas, 36545 Freeman Road, Scio, OR 97374.

Additional information: This program is an after school program that takes place at Mari-Linn school in Lyons. It involves children from first thru eighth grade. Currently, there are about 40 children attending the program. Activities include crafts and interactive programs that often go with the seasons.

Tags: Linn County, youth, education, arts



Foster or Permanent homes

Quality dog food, treats and vitamins

Collars, leashes, beds and bowls

Collapsible wire dog crates, towels & blankets

A new transmission for our van

Donations for vet care to SDRO or use secure PayPal at

Contact: Senior Dog Rescue of Oregon, PO Box 1051, Philomath, OR 97370. Phone: 541-908-2331. E-mail: Website:

Tags: Benton County, animals


Wishes: St. Vincent de Paul (St Mary's Albany Conference) is in need of gift cards to grocery stores, etc. to help individuals and families with emergency needs throughout the year.

Contact information: donations may be dropped off at the retail store on Pacific Boulevard. Please place in an envelope marked "St. Mary's conference."

Tags: men, women, families, food, clothing



NON PERISHABLE FOOD ITEMS:  These items will help our organization to fill a three day emergency food box for low-income families and individuals in the Lebanon area.

LAUNDRY DETERGENT:  For our clients.

CASH DONATIONS:  A $1 donation will buy approximately six pounds of food. The  St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry purchases all of its food from Linn-Benton  Food Share in Corvallis.

Contact: Bernadette Ferraro, Treasurer, St. Edwards Catholic Church, 100 Main St. Lebanon, OR  97355. Phone: 541-451-2122 or 541-258-5333.

Tags: Linn County, food, men, women, families



We would like to receive two fold-up, preschool-sized tables, or funds to purchase them ($150 each).

We also are in need of new books for our Super Readers Program for kids ages 0-5.

We are in need of Quart-sized canning jars for a fundraising project.

Contact information: Andrea Myhre, Director, Strengthening Rural Families, PO Box 1528 or 1229 Main St. Suite 101, Philomath, OR 97370. Phone: 541-929-2535 or 541-250-9479 (cell). E-mail: Website:

Additional information: Strengthening Rural Families serves rural Benton County providing parenting classes and other programming for children and families.

Tags: Benton County, families, rural


Wishes: Cozy Kids!  The combination of a down economy and an especially cold winter leave our most vulnerable population, children, without basic needs like coats, shoes and clothing.  Your donations will support our Student Assistance Fund, which allows us to provide clothing and school supplies to hundreds of disadvantaged children in elementary, middle and high school throughout the year. 

Contact: Edna Campau,, P.O. Box 1475, Albany, OR 97321, 541-327-2651. Website:

Additional information: Chartered in 1987. Mission: To enhance the lives of women and children through education, communication and community service.

Tags: Linn County, youth, education


Wishes: A greenhouse and/or greenhouse supplies, so that we may expand our activities in that area.  We also wish for scrap dimensional lumber in order to build items for re-sale in our wood shop.

Contact: Roseanne Lupoli, Executive Director, Sunshine Industries Unlimited, Inc., P.O. Box 178 or 3714 Long Street, Sweet Home, OR 97386. Phone: 541-367-2765. Website:

Additional information: Sunshine Industries Unlimited, Inc. is a nonprofit organization serving developmentally disabled adults.  We provide paid employment and community inclusion activities to those we serve. 

Tags: Linn County, men, women, health, employment


Wishes: Funds to be used for:  a new roof, a heating system, or two shelf utility carts for moving incoming food or for carrying client food boxes down the food distribution aisle and out to their vehicles.

Contact: Address: 1115 Long St., Sweet Home, OR 97386. Phone:  541-367-6987. Website:  http://www.shemfoodbank.orgE-mail:  or Contact Person:  Peggy Blair, Office Manager/Administrator or Cindy Rice, Pantry Manager.

Tags: Linn County, food, families



Ink for our Brother printer (Brother LC65 or LC61)  

Samsung SCX 5635 FN   toner cartridge (MLT-208L high yield)

Blank CD-RWs, to be used to back up photos and information.

Any office supplies, such as regular size hanging folders, pens, pencils, envelopes and stamps.

Contact: 541-543-5455 or Address: Terri Lanini, Sweet Home Genealogical Society treasurer, 758 Long Street, Sweet Home, OR  97386

Tags: Linn County, education, arts



Pocket size notepads

Digital projector (new, or used if functional)

GPS units

Copy paper

Copier (new, or  used if still working and able to find toner for it)Verizon gift cards for our dispatch phones

Postage stamps

Cash donations for operating expenses, training for staff and volunteers

VOLUNTEERS! (The next training academy is planned for March 3)

Scholarships for New Volunteer Training ($35)

Contact: 541-570-9109 or Address: Pat Blackburn. Crisis Team Manager TIP of Linn County, 390 S. Main Road, Lebanon, OR 97355

Tags: Linn County, emergency/crisis, families, women, men



Gas cards

Copier machine

Broken down 95 Ford van (need parts and labor-ignition, steering column)

Commercial range

Gift cards for office supplies

Funds for student curriculum

Paint to paint facility cafeteria

Contact: 541-259-3401 or Or e-mail Rich Guzman at Address: PO BOX 2146. Lebanon, OR 97355

Tags: Linn County, youth, religious



Sponsor a student: many students do not have the means to pay for their program. ANY dollar amount helps immensely

Kitchen: walk-in refrigerator/freezer, bowls, plates, pans, paper napkins, 8 oz. plastic glasses, paper plates, plastic service ware 

Toiletries: toilet paper, Vitamin C, Kleenex, towels, washrags, kitchen towels

Cleaning supplies: sanitation wipes, garbage bags, paper towels, brooms, mop heads, scrubbers, Febreze, etc.

Office supplies: paper, staplers, envelopes, stamps, scotch tape, masking tape, pens, scissors, etc., computers, software, network server, office chairs, floor shampooer, vacuum cleaner

Correspondence items: stamps, stationery, greeting cards, journals, notebooks, paper, pens

Curriculum: donations to purchase books; devotional books

Twin size bedding: pillows, pillowcases, comforters, sheets

Vehicles for program use: pickup, mini vans or 12-15 person vans

Donation items for resale: cars, trailers, boats, motorcycles, etc.

Contact: Ron Wenning, 541-491-1002,; Address: 31700 Fayetteville Drive, Shedd OR,  97377

Additional information: A faith-based solution for the drug epidemic. We currently have 40 men in our one-year recovery program at this time, seeking to change their lives to be free from life-controlling addictions.

• Three out of four adults arrested for robbery test positive for drugs.

• More 1.7 million visits for treatment at emergency rooms were associated with some form of substance abuse.

• As many as 25 percent of individuals who die by suicide are intoxicated with alcohol.

• 85 percent of children in foster care come from homes of meth users.

• Oregon tops the national average in drug abuse.

• Drug related problems costs Oregon taxpayers 6 billion a year.

Teen Challenge in Shedd is a one-year residential program for men 18 years and older and has been offering faith-based recovery support services in the Northwest since 1983 for people struggling with drugs and alcohol, as well as other life-controlling addictions.

Quote: “Charities have been hard hit by the economy and yet we have been and will continue to be increasing, bed space -- the need is great.” – Ron Wenning, Teen Challenge

Tags: Linn County, human services, homeless, recovery, men



Heavy locking TV & components cabinet (to be anchored to a wall)

Television- for 15 young and Autistic children to watch- compatible for gaming systems, DVD & VCR (and to fit in the above requested cabinet)

Leather (washable) couch- for a family meeting/play room area

Heavy custom built benches- 2 for a family reception area and 2 for a large board room size dinning room table. (all to be anchored to the floor)

Musical instruments- for our music program

Arts and craft supplies

Volunteer painters

MP3 or individual CD players- music helps calm & soothe the children

Colorful artwork with plexi-cover protection for children and teens

Contact: Cheri Galvin, 4455 N.E. Highway 20, Corvallis, OR 97330. E-mail: Phone: 541-758-5953. Website:

Additional information: Trillium Children’s Farm Home, a community benefit organization, is the leading provider of mental healthcare for Oregon’s most vulnerable children.  Through our comprehensive array of services, we offer individualized care that is family centered as we build brighter futures with children and families.

Tags: Benton County, youth, health, housing, families



GIVE – every contribution makes a difference. It doesn’t take a lot to do a lot: $3/week times 2,500 donors = $390,000. Contributions to United Way fund programs focused on Education, Income and Health – the building blocks for a healthy community.

ADVOCATE – Tell folks in your sphere of influence about something you are passionate about. Invite them to volunteer with you. Write a letter to the editor. Make some noise!

VOLUNTEER – We all have special talents, things we can do to help. Give an hour, give a Saturday. Get “hands-on” with your giving.

Contact information: Dawson Officer, or 541-757-7717. Website:

Tags: Benton County, families, education, health


Wishes: Help with Christmas food baskets that the Ladies Auxiliary puts together for veterans at the Albany and Lebanon National Guard. Donation barrels are set up at Mega Foods and at the VFW Post.


Additional information: Each basket has one dozen eggs, 10 pounds of potatoes, butter, vegetables, bread, peanut butter, dressing, gravy packets, jelly, drinks and a $10 gift certificate for meat.

Quote: “We usually put together 40 or so baskets every year, but I have a feeling that we will be running short of funds to make them all, because we weren’t able to do the fundraisers like the last two years and as it was we spent more than $1,300 last year on the dinner baskets for the families.” – Linda Baker, VFW Ladies Auxilary president

“I know there are a lot more families out there and I wish I could help them all. Our veterans gave their lives for us now we need to give back.”  – Linda Baker, VFW Ladies Auxilary president

Tags: Linn County, veterans, food, families


Wishes: The Mid-Valley Chapter of the Vietnam Veterans of America was donated a large pond stocked with trout by a Linn County landowner. The group plans to build a dock to put in the pond and to bring veterans down from VA hospitals in Portland and Roseburg for fishing daytrips.The goal is to start the project this winter and finish it in the spring of 2011. Donations appreciated.

Contact: Eric "Ric" Osborn, 541-401-4639, PO Box 293, Albany, OR 97321.

Tags: Linn County, military, health



Non-perishable food items for the Christmas program, which serves 1,200 families

New toys for children ages 0 to 12 for the Christmas program

Sponsor a family at Christmas with a donation of $75

For our homeless friends: sleeping bags, small tents, blankets, warm clothes and flashlights

Contact: 541-753-1420 or Address: Christine Duffney, Executive Director, Vina Moses Center, 968 Garfield Ave., Corvallis 97330.

Tags: Benton County, families, youth, men, women, homeless


Wishes: Financial donations to assist families with emergency rent, heating or medical needs. 

Contact: 541-745-7916 Address: Lyn Martin, 125 N.W. 10 St., Corvallis OR 97330.

Tags: Benton County, families, youth, women, men, emergency/crisis


Wishes: Donations of any amount of money will be greatly appreciated and could be used for a variety of programs, including the newsletter printer and supplies.

Contact: Melanie Garrett; PO Box 2238; Corvallis, OR 97339 or e-mail The Refuge phone number to leave a message at is 541-757-7236.

Additional information: This Friends group is the local chapter of a national organization of volunteers who assist the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service refuge management programs around the U.S. Wild Goose Tales is a quarterly newsletter of the Friends of the Willamette Valley Wildlife Refuges. The Willamette Valley Friends raise money for the Refuge staff to use in various programs. We volunteer to lead group tours of the local refuges (Finley, Basket Slough and Ankeny).  We operate a store at Finley on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays to bring in funds for the benefit of the refuges, and we recently hired an intern to work at the Refuges developing an educational curriculum for teachers.

During the past month, I've put together an expanded Fourth Quarter 2010 edition of WGTales and ran into problems that I certainly can use community assistance with.  I would dearly love to be able to have the use of a good (fast) laser printer capable of producing black and white copies on 11x17 paper and donated toner to fuel that machine. Or, I could cut expenses with discounted or donated printing services from a local print shop, thereby preserving funds for programs that benefit our valley's wonderful wildlife populations. - Ricardo Small, Wild Goose Tales editor

Tags: Benton County, Linn County, environment


Wishes: Pointe Shoes for the dancers of Willamette Apprentice Ballet (people can either donate $75 to WAB and write "Pointe Shoes" as the memo on the check, or they can contact WAB for the name and pointe shoe specifications of a particular dancer in WAB and purchase the shoes themselves).

Contact: or on Facebook. Address: Megan Skinner, Willamette Apprentice Ballet, PO Box 2748, Corvallis, OR 97339.

Additional information: Here is the company roster: Eleanor Adams, Angela Ahn, Celeste Gaiera, Katie Lancaster, Emily Rist,Brittany Shreeve, Emily Traylor, Linda Wang. All of these dancers are high school students in Corvallis, Albany, and Philomath. They take class five to six days a week, they rehearse one to six days per week, they are all strong academic students, and several of them are involved in other local youth organizations, such as the Corvallis Youth Symphony, Heart of the Valley Choir, etc. 

Tags: Benton County, arts, youth 



Woolen sweaters: $214 for 25sweaters, or $428 for 50 sweaters

Blankets: $214 for 25 blankets, or $428 for 50 blankets

Television: $440 each (two needed)

Washing machine: $340 each (two needed)

Refrigerator to store medicine and another to store food: $555 each (four needed)

Emergency lights: $128 (two needed)

Industrial size water purifier: $570 each (two needed)

Bunk beds: 25 beds cost $1,784, or 50 bunk beds cost $3,568

Donations can be made via check made out to “World's Children” or through PayPal on the website. All donations are tax deductible.

Contact: 541-230-1191 or Address: David Purviance, Executive Director, P.O. Box 2708, Corvallis, OR 97339.

Additional information: A child-sponsoring charity located in Corvallis that works in five countries supporting 50 orphanages. We work with three orphanages in India for children whose parents died of AIDS and the children are themselves HIV-positive. Two of these orphanages need considerable help providing items to keep the children healthy and comfortable. Each orphanage has 25 children. We seek donations to purchase these items for the orphanages. Mailing items to India is not cost effective and it is better for WCI to send the amount requested and let the orphanages purchase these items over there.

Tags: Benton County, youth, health, international


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