Linn County Parks Department staff will be busier than usual in coming weeks, cleaning up numerous downed trees and limbs before campgrounds open for the season, Parks Director Brian Carroll told the Linn County Board of Commissioners this week.

Carroll said the bridge railing at Majestic Falls between Lebanon and Sweet Home was damaged by falling trees, adding that trees throughout the parks system have split tops and could create hazards for the general public.

“Cleanup is going to take a while,” he said. “River Bend could be closed for several days and we anticipate there is going to be a lot of debris in Foster Reservoir this spring.”

Carroll said that Clear Lake Resort received a large amount of snow during the recent storms, but fared well.

“Our staff kept the resort open, even during the bad weather,” Carroll said.

On another matter, Carroll said his staff has completed the addition of a yurt at River Bend, which is near Cascadia, and he plans to add a yurt at Clear Lake Resort, once he gets permission from the U.S. Forest Service.

Carroll said the new drinking water well at Waterloo County Park east of Lebanon worked well; the previous well had failed and drinking water had to be hauled in to supplement its production.

The Stayton Bridge boat ramp project is out for bid, he said. The project includes demolition and removal of the existing boat ramp and construction of a new ramp on the North Santiam River.

The commissioners approved a grant project with Oregon Parks and Recreation Department to install five vault toilets at Whitcomb Creek County Park on Green Peter Reservoir.

The toilets will be installed in the new expansion area of the campground and are expected to be completed by the end of June.

Total project cost is $225,020. The state will fund half of that and Linn County will match that with labor and money from the County Forest fund. No general fund money will be used, Carroll said.

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