Post offers drop box for used flags -lg

Lynette White talks about the new drop box for used American flags which has been installed at American Legion Santiam Post No. 51. 

Les Gehrett Mid-Valley Media

What are you supposed to do with an American flag that has reached the end of its useful life? 

Throwing it away is not the right answer. But doing the right thing with a used flag has never been easier in Lebanon.

American Legion Santiam Post No. 51 has installed a drop box for flags which need to be retired. The unit, a retired mail box, is painted in patriotic red, white and blue. Anyone can drop off a flag at any time.

Lynette White, who puts together the Post Examiner newsletter for the post, said the timing seemed right for the new drop box. Many families and businesses install new flags for Memorial Day and may need a way to properly dispose of their old flags.

The American Legion will retire the flags during a Flag Day ceremony each year on June 14. It was on this date in 1777 that Congress approved the original design of the flag.

Flags are retired in a special ceremony. Each flag to be disposed of is first folded in the proper manner. The flag is then placed atop a fire. As it burns, a moment of silence is observed, or in some ceremonies the Pledge of Allegiance is recited.

There is an exception for nylon flags. Where nylon flags can be recycled that option is allowed because it is environmentally friendly.  

The box was donated by Carol Knox and Pam Bush and was installed by Post Commander Larry Williams and Finance Director Rick Bauman.


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