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    Chile’s Constitutional Convention has presented the formal draft of a proposed constitution to the president, who has set a plebiscite for Sept. 4. The charter is meant to replace the constitution imposed by a military dictatorship 41 years ago and remake the country's structure. But the ceremonial handover Monday to President Gabriel Boric comes at a time when Chileans appear to be increasingly skeptical of the proposed constitution. Polls at the beginning of the year showed a clear majority of Chileans intended to vote in favor of it, but surveys since April have shown a marked change in opinion, with those who oppose the new document appearing to be ahead. That could change again. More than three-quarters of voters in a 2020 referendum backed giving Chile a new constitution.

      A San Francisco couple that has parked their car for decades on a paved part of their property in front of their home is now banned from doing so. KGO-TV reported Monday that city officials sent a letter to Judy and Ed Craine telling them they can’t park there and threatening fines. The city's planning chief says a decades-old city code to preserve neighborhood aesthetics prevents residents from amassing cars in yards. In the end, the city agreed not to impose the fines because the couple said they would stop parking there. They also have the option of covering the paved property or building a garage.

        Brittney Griner made an appeal to President Joe Biden in a letter passed on to the White House through her representatives saying she feared she may never return home and asking that he not “forget about me and the other American Detainees.” Griner's agent says the letter was delivered on Monday. The Phoenix Mercury All-Star and two-time Olympic gold medalist is in the midst of a trial in Russia that began last week after she was arrested on Feb. 17 on charges of possessing cannabis oil while returning to play for her Russian team. The trial will resume Thursday.

          A member of the House Jan. 6 committee says more witnesses are coming forward with new details on the Capitol insurrection following former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson’s devastating testimony last week against former President Donald Trump. Illinois Republican congressman Adam Kinzinger says “there will be way more information" in two public hearings this month and to “stay tuned,” because people are emerging “every day.” Hutchinson testified that Trump wanted to join an angry mob of his supporters who marched to the Capitol, where they rioted. Hutchinson also said then-White House counsel Pat Cipollone was concerned Trump would face criminal charges if the Republican then-president joined them.

          In this episode, Kelli Lemon and Michael Paul Williams talk with The New York Times Magazine and 1619 Project contributor Linda Villarosa about her new book "Under the Skin: Racism, Inequality, and the Health of a Nation." In the conversation and book, Villarosa shares troubling statistics t…


          Passenger railroads are coping with post-COVID re-opening along with the rest of the travel industry, although, as with most things railroad, a bit more slowly than the other players. Here's what I think we know as of mid-June.

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