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All The Inspo You Need To Throw A Puppy Shower

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All The Inspo You Need To Throw A Puppy Shower

It’s time we start celebrating new puppy parents, after all they have plenty of sleepless nights ahead of them-not to mention chewed shoes, furniture and a couple of stains that will be tough to get out.

Raising a puppy is not easy which is why these people deserve a party. If you have a friend who is expecting a puppy, or if you are lucky enough to be expecting a puppy, there's no better excuse to throw a party.

A puppy shower should be treated like a baby shower with like invitations, decor and treats. You can gift the expecting puppy parents anything from toys to treats to gift cards to a local pet store. 

1. Invitations

Treat this party just like any other party and send out invites ahead of time so you don't end up eating an entire cake by yourself. Don't forget the dog stamps!


2. Decor

All you really need to throw a perfect puppy shower is some balloon letters (spelling out said puppy name, of course), some party hats and anything that is shaped like a bone.

3. Treats

Cake is probably the most important part of any party so be you should have a cake for humans and a cake for the non human friends that come too. Make sure to label appropriately to avoid having your neighbor eat dog cake. Here is some inspiration:

4. Puppy Favors

Giving actual puppies as favors is probably pretty expensive. Instead, give cookies. HOW CUTE ARE THESE COOKIES?

NOTE: Not to be confused with a puppy SHOWER.



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