Gayle King on What to Expect From the 'Meghan and Harry Plus One' Special

Gayle King says she's "in the mood for a good love story."

The CBS This Morning star has romance on tap Friday with this look at Prince Harry and former Suits actress Meghan Markle, now known as the Duchess of Sussex (above), on the occasion of their one-year anniversary.

You covered last May's royal wedding and followed it with a primetime special. Why another one?

Gayle King: It's because Meghan is American. We feel she's one of us. Plus, think what has happened in the past year: She's gotten married and become a royal, she's moved [to the U.K.], and she's having a baby. [Markle has since welcomed son named Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor on May 6.] That's three major milestones in one year! We're fascinated by that, and with how the two of them are doing.

You know Meghan well enough to have been at her star-studded baby shower, so how is she adjusting to life at court? The tabloids are full of family discord tales.

I can say that she is happy and in love with her husband, and they are very excited about the baby. Meghan doesn't read the negative stuff. I couldn't do that, but she can.

How have queen and country accepted their prince's marriage to a biracial American woman?

I think the response says, "Welcome to 2019!" We've seen little pockets of hate, but she is really embraced in England. Of course, it's different. The wedding had a gospel choir, which the royals weren't used to, but it was Prince Charles' idea!

What will we see in the special?

We're going to be shooting in Windsor, where she was married. I have a special place on a balcony where I stood for six hours watching Meghan and Harry, watching the wedding, watching them come out of the gates at St. George's chapel. We'll revisit some of that.

We also talk to people in Meghan's inner circle who haven't talked yet. You will want to celebrate their lives together and cheer them on instead of giving nasty gossip any weight.

Meghan and Harry Plus One, Friday, May 17, 8/7c, CBS


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