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Corey Taylor wants to turn Slipknot and Stone Sour songs into a "dark" jazz album.

The 45-year-old frontman of both groups says he's already thought about turning his influences in the jazz world - including Billie Holiday and Charlie Parker - into a collection of "jazzy" interpretations of his own songs, featuring a group of musicians.

Asked if he would consider doing a country record, he replied: "Even coming from Iowa -- f*** no! Absolutely not, and it's not to say that I couldn't write stuff like that."

However, it would be for his own "personal collection" as he doesn't think it would sell.

He told RadioVegas.Rocks' Chaotic Radio: "My interest would be more singer-songwriter kind of vibe, like Squeeze or something like that.

"I've actually been thinking about doing something like this - putting together a quartet or a quintet and doing a jazz album, like a dark jazz album, [and] recording it live in a room.

"It won't sell s**t. It would really just be for my own f***ing personal collection ... 'Cause I love jazz.

"A lot of people don't realise that - I listen to a lot of '40s and '50s jazz. And there is this ... the haunting stuff that [Billie] Holiday would do, the older stuff that Charlie Parker would do, when he was really f***ed up - that would be the stuff that I would be closer to."

The 'Psychosocial' hitmaker already has a jazzy version of Stone Sour's 'Bother', which could kick off the album.

He added: "I've got, actually, jazzy versions of some of my own songs that I would love to try. Probably something like 'Prosthetics' [by Slipknot], I think would be really, really cool.

And then 'Bother' [by Stone Sour] - I've got a really cool jazzy version of 'Bother' that could be really cool."

Slipknot made a comeback in October, with their first single in two years, 'All Out Life', and Corey teased their new album will be "one of the darkest chapter's" in the band's history.

The heavy metal outfit gave their supporters - known as Maggots - a taste of things to come ahead of their hotly-anticipated sixth studio album by dropping the new thrash track as a Halloween treat - and Corey spilled that the new record is "fierce as hell".

He said: "The album is underway, and it's going to be one of the darkest chapters in Slipknot's history.

"It's that good. It's complicated, it's dark, it's heavy, it's heavy, it's melodic, it's fierce, it's angry and it's raw as hell. It's going to be talking about a lot of things that people are going to need in their life.

"It kind of had a cross between the first album and 'Iowa'. I keep telling people that this is what the kids from Iowa would have made if they'd matured. It's a step from that."

'All Out Life' is very much in the vein of their upcoming follow-up to 2014's '.5: The Gray Chapter', which is due out later this year.

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