'Tip of the Iceberg'

This image is from "Tip of the Iceberg," Joan Truckenbrod's video multimedia installation on climate change. The exhibit will be on view at her downtown gallery during Thursday's Corvallis Arts Walk. 

Name: Joan Truckenbrod

Occupation: “Professional artist and professor emeritus, School of the Art Institute of Chicago.”

Hometown: “Corvallis. I relocated from Chicago about eight years ago.”

Exhibit: “Tip of the Iceberg”

Location: Truckenbrod Pop-Up Gallery 517 SW Second St., Corvallis. Hours are Corvallis Arts Walk (4 to 8 p.m. today), and Friday and Saturday afternoons.

Media: “Video multimedia installation, two video projections, world globes, simulated icebergs covered in Tyvek HomeWrap.”

About the exhibit: “Continued concern about the devastating environmental effects of climate change motivate this exhibition. The radical melting of the ice in the Arctic, is having a destructive impact on residents, animals, plants and insects. I want people to consider changes they can make in their everyday lives to conserve and preserve our natural environment. Obvious negative effects of climate change are the ‘tip of the iceberg,' with underlying processes more radically destructive than are visible.

“This installation includes two contrasting video projections: one exhibiting the beauty of the coast with pulsing waves under a crystal clear blue sky, periodically interrupted by ocean waves washing over this peaceful scene, symbolizing the rising oceans. Accompanying this video are simulated icebergs constructed with Tyvek HomeWrap, as if icebergs are wrapped to protect them from melting.

"The second video involves pulling a globe of the earth across the beach, getting caught in the tides, as a metaphor for 'pulling the earth through the dirt.' In front of this video is a pile of world globes. Suspended is the collapsed globe that was pulled along the sand, caught in the tides, beginning to disintegrate. The health of the Earth is in jeopardy.

“In 2000, I discovered the degradation of salmon habitat from agricultural and industrial chemicals, diminishing the population of salmon in the Northwest and Alaska, and consequently created my first installation with video projection of salmon runs. I considered salmon the 'canary in the mine.' Telling the world about the degrading environment around us that affects us as well as the salmon.”

Inspiration: “The visual poetry of our natural ecology from the trees and undergrowth in the forests, to the spiritual resonance of the ocean tides.”

Impact on viewers: “Provoke analysis of the personal, city and global impact of climate change, and advocate for changes that will slow and reduce the destructive progression of climate change.”

Previous exhibits: “Last year my artwork was included in a group exhibition at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City. My work has been exhibited in Chicago and internationally. Next year my artwork will be included in a group exhibition at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Next fall I will show some of my work at the Benton County (Historical) Museum in Philomath, and tentatively in the fall of 2022 I will have an exhibition at the Schneider Museum in Ashland. In 2015 I exhibited my video sculpture in a one-person exhibition at the Corvallis Arts Center. Last spring, I exhibited new artwork at the Newport Visual Arts Center.”

What should people know: “I created the Truckenbrod Gallery to both exhibit professional art for the Corvallis community, and to provide opportunities for artists to show their artwork. OSU students continue to provide extremely valuable support in maintaining the gallery.”


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