In celebration of April's Poetry Month, young poets grades K-12, living in Linn or Benton county, created poetry for art in the 13th annual The Arts Center Youth Poetry Contest, supported by the Marys Peak Poets.

The poems are on display in the Corrine Woodman Gallery at The Arts Center, 700 SW Madison Ave., Corvallis, through May 4.

This year 284 young poets (a record) are participating in the exhibit, with almost every poem decorated with art.

The jury consisted of local poets Margaret Anderson, Louise Barden, Rachel Barton, Alice Ann Eberman, Nancy Matsumoto, Ann Staley, Jasper Smith and Linda Varsell Smith.

Spanish speaking students were encouraged to participate; Vera Harding selected awards in this group. Susan Johnson and Heather Krier will select art awards. Watch The Arts Center’s Facebook and website for announcements.

Award winners from Kindergarten-Grade 2: first place, Sandra Morris; second, Samantha Morris; third, Penelope Wiegand; fourth, Katrina Peltomaki; fifth, Kristopher Burns. Honorable mentions: Jahari Hart, Liam Zahn, Elise Johnson and Muser Louk.

Award winners from Grades 3 – 5: first place, J Brown; second, A.J. Richardson; third, Carson Winder; fourth, Liah Childress; fifth, Mika Peltomaki. Honorable mentions: Libby Roberts, Aedan Kaferhy, Kalea Michalsky, Tara Hoffman, Zoe DeAmicis, Autumn Monroe, Casey Bater, Karson Bonney and Luang King.

Award winners in Grades 6 – 8: first, Valerie Delos-Reyes; second, Grace Kaufmann; third, Rachel Gopal; fourth, Ethan DeAlder; fifth, Pablo Ellis Garcia. Honorable mention: Celia Bahnson, Alice Goldstein and Kylie Tully.

There was a special category for poems in Spanish; all these turned out to be in the Grade 3-5 group: first, Carter Whitney; second, Stephanie Vargas Garcia; third, Mica Lohr, fourth, Josie Lindsay; fifth, Autumn Cluster. Honorable mention: Leah Kimball, Jaiden Crabtree, Joanna Alvarado and Jordann Fernandez.

Art Award Winners: Pre K-Grade 1: First, Sondra Morris; second, Milly Grimm; third, Auna Morris and Quinn Mann.

Award Winners Grade 2: First, Cerdic Gaskey; second, Liam Zahn; third, Liv White.

Award Winners Grade 3: First, Molly Maunard; second, Navelle Shea; third, Oliver Norria.

Award Winners Grade 4: First, Rhianna Daniel; second, Nadrian Thompson; third, Lucy King.

Award Winners Grade 5: First, Carson Winder; second, Matthew de Silva; third, Hailey Rynearson.

Award Winners Grades 6-8: First, Ingrid Celis; second, Baker Celis; third TJ Dukes.

There were no submissions for grades 9-12.

A closing reception will be held from 5 to 6:30 p.m. Friday, May 4. An open mic begins at 5:30 p.m., and  participants are invited to read their poems.

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