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3 reasons why your smoke detector is making noise

Your smoke detector is one of the best lines of defense in your home but waking up to a beeping smoke detector in the middle of the night only to find there isn’t a fire may make you want to rip it from the ceiling. If your smoke detector is making noise when it shouldn’t be, these three reasons might be the culprit. Read more

3 disposable kitchen goods you should swap for reusable options

Whether you’re trying to save the environment or just trying to save a few bucks every month, swapping common disposable goods for reusable options is worth the initial investment. You might start with paper towels swapped for dish rags, paper napkins exchanged for cloth, or silicone food storage bags in place of plastic bags, but here are 3 less likely disposable kitchen products you can get rid of for good. Read more

3 outdoor sprinkler toys to keep kids cool this summer

If you’ve been encouraging your children to abandon the screens and play outside this summer, these outdoor sprinkler toys will help keep kids active while staying cool on hot days. Read more


The finest destination for exceptional sleep in your Lebanon home

Enjoy plush comfort with our patent-pending support system which actively contours and cradles your…

In-home care options for Lebanon people

Look at local, professional care & support options for a parent, spouse or family member who ne…

Security solutions to keep your Lebanon family and home safe this spring

Talk to a local expert about a digital alarm system that will protect your family and belongings.

5 reasons you should try infrared grilling

Infrared grilling is a quickly growing trend in backyard cooking, replacing charcoal and electric as the grill of choice for many barbecue enthusiasts. If you’ve never tried cooking on an infrared grill before, here are 5 reasons this trend should be on your radar. Read more

People are raving over this new mosquito eradicator

With summer comes warm weather barbecues more time playing outside with your kids, but nothing puts a damper on the fun like a big itchy mosquito bite. If you’re tired of spraying on insect repellent only to end up with bites anyway, this backyard mosquito eradicator from Spartan Mosquito is the perfect solution. Read more

10 Quick Ways to Spruce Up Your Home Before a Vacation

Returning from vacation to a clean home is a sure way to keep your holiday mood going, even if it isn’t always easy to remember to clean up before you say “bon voyage.” But how nice would it be, when you’re weary from travel, to sink into a bed with clean sheets and wake up to a glistening kitchen the next morning? This summer, try out these 10 quick tips for tidying up your home before you leave, and your future self is sure to thank you. Read more