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Don't put ketchup on a hot dog — and other regional food oddities

Different U.S. regions are quite particular when it comes to their food. Whether it’s the color of their clam chowder or what goes into BBQ… Read more

Gifts for the food, drink and coffee lover in your life

For the foodie on your holiday list — or just people who might appreciate a good tequila or pie pan — we offer a gift guide. It's got coffee machines, books, chocolate truffles and a fabulous tote to carry it all away. Read more

Seriously Simple: A holiday taste in a bite

Holiday craziness getting to you? Do you still have to put dinner on the table for your family and maybe even some relatives that are visiting for the holidays? It can be a daunting task, putting together a simple holiday meal for a small group in just a few short minutes. Read more

Environmental Nutrition: Non-dairy calcium sources

When you think of calcium, odds are that you think of milk and dairy foods. Those are great sources of calcium, but they aren't the only ones. With increased interest in plant-based diets-- including vegan diets-- there's a corresponding interest in learning which non-dairy foods can provide adequate... Read more

Parade brings out men, women in uniform

JENNIFER MOODY Albany Democrat-Herald

Tom Uppstad of Albany wore his U.S. Air Force uniform from his service days in 1967-71 to the 2018 … Read more

Puttanesca pasta can be made without anchovies. Here's proof!

An authentic puttanesca pasta is made using anchovies. And, I won't lie, it's delicious. I do love that salty-fishy rich flavor, but at the same time I wondered if it could it be made without anchovies. Read more

The Kitchn: How to make pumpkin cheesecake

Pumpkin cheesecake has become a fall and winter dessert classic for good reason. The lively, familiar spices of classic pumpkin pie are balanced by the cool and creamy goodness of a New York-style cheesecake. The combination makes each bite memorably delicious and worthy of any celebration--... Read more

The Kitchn: Enjoy the warm comfort of lasagna in a new way

I've never met a lasagna I didn't love. Yes, there's something about the way it's assembled-- with the rich sauce, melty cheese and juicy bits of browned meat blanketing the noodles-- but what really makes it stand out is how the ingredients come together for a warm, comforting meal. And that's exactly what you... Read more

Digital exclusives

Which canned tuna makes best tuna salad? 13 brands rated

Chicago Tribune staff tasted 13 brands of canned light tuna to find which makes the best tuna salad for sandwiches or other favorite uses. … Read more

What are the best frozen chicken nuggets? Store brands put to test

The Chicago Tribune tested grocery store chicken nuggets with chef Stephanie Izard, the first female chef to win Bravo's "Top Chef." Here a… Read more

Celebrating National Sandwich Day in 17 photos

In honor of National Sandwich Day, here's a collection of sandwiches to whet your appetite. Read more

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1 death linked to ongoing turkey salmonella outbreak

NEW YORK (AP) — Federal health officials on Thursday reported the first death in an ongoing salmonella outbreak linked to raw turkey. Read more

Pringles sells Thanksgiving-flavored chips for limited time

BATTLE CREEK, Mich. (AP) — Those who crave the tastes of Thanksgiving no longer have to wait for the meal to be cooked. Read more

Lawyer: Renowned herbalist's widower let acclaimed farm fail

COVENTRY, Conn. (AP) — The widower of renowned herbalist Adelma Grenier Simmons, sometimes called America's "first lady of herbs," is fighting eviction from her once-acclaimed farm in Connecticut. Read more