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Keeping eyes on the road: Technology aims at distracted driving

Distracted driving puts not only drivers at risk but also passengers, cyclists and pedestrians. In 2018, it led to the deaths of 2,841 peop… Read more


5 of the best off-road vehicles available in 2021

Automakers are building more trucks and SUVs designed for off-road driving. These five off-roaders are some of the most capable rigs ever built. Read more


Navigating Car Insurance as a Transgender or Nonbinary Driver

Applying for car insurance isn’t exactly glamorous, but for most people it’s fairly straightforward. For transgender or nonbinary drivers, however, one part of the application — selecting a gender —… Read more


The most car-dependent states

Car travel is a uniquely American obsession. In comparison to most other developed nations, the U.S. has a land area that is larger, cities that are less densely populated, and mass transit infrastructure that is less robust.  Read more


Watt’s new? These 13 electric vehicles are coming soon

The auto industry is undergoing a fundamental shift in technology to battery-powered electric vehicles. Here are 13 EVs coming in the next few years. Read more


When shopping for cars, be sure to test-drive the technology

Before buying a vehicle, here are some car technology evaluation techniques and how to safely learn and test these features during your test drive. Read more


The states with the riskiest teenage drivers

Learning to drive is a major rite of passage for most teenagers, but doing so also comes with a fair amount of risk.  Read more

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Which states have the most electric vehicles, and how does yours compare?

While the number of electric vehicles on the road is still small, the amount  continues to rise. Read more


Impacts of car dealerships on every state’s economy

CoPilot compiled statistics on the impact of car dealerships on every state’s economy, using data from the National Automobile Dealers Asso… Read more


Top 10 luxury vehicles for America’s wealthiest

Which luxury vehicles are most popular among America's wealthy? Windfall tapped its wealth intelligence platform to compile the top 10 most… Read more

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After killing sales, COVID stoked them

With the pandemic running rampant, consumers embraced the perceived safety of the suburbs and private transportation. New vehicle demand quickly outstripped production, which was constrained as COVID spread. New vehicle inventories remain abnormally low, and remain below historic norms. But in the short term, production will outstrip demand as manufacturers restock dealer lots, improving automakers’ balance sheets for 2021 after a rocky 2020. Read more

New entrants will be battling for your bucks

Tesla has established a template that other new EV startups are following, intensifying the competitive landscape in North America by 2027, with as many as 21 manufacturers producing vehicles here. Read more

Sudden drop in earnings affected product introductions

More than 50% of companies believe there will be a delay in upcoming vehicle technology and new product launches as a result of COVID-19, with lower sales and lower profits causing automakers to delay new products up to a year or more in an effort to reign in unexpectedly smaller research and development budgets. Read more