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Keeping eyes on the road: Technology aims at distracted driving

Distracted driving puts not only drivers at risk but also passengers, cyclists and pedestrians. In 2018, it led to the deaths of 2,841 peop… Read more


5 Misconceptions About How Insurers Price Your Auto Premium

Insurance companies consider many details when determining car premiums, but not everyone knows exactly what these factors are. When given a list of potential factors and asked which are used by… Read more


The difference between green and orange antifreeze

What's the difference between different colors of antifreeze? Find out here. Read more


James Bond’s iconic Aston Martin is being turned into an electric vehicle

As Daniel Craig says goodbye to James Bond, his iconic Aston Martin is getting a 1-million dollar new lease on life. The classic DB6 is bei… Read more


YouGov Poll: 23% Of Americans Would Consider EV As Next Car

23% of YouGov poll respondents say that’d consider buying an EV. That’s 8 times EVs’ current market share and suggests growing interest in zero-pollution cars. Read more


Forbes Wheels EV Tax Credit Calculator

Get up to $7,500 back as a tax credit when you buy (not lease) a new EV or plug-in hybrid. Here's how. Read more


2022 Ford Maverick Pickup First Drive: Compact Size, Big Aspirations

The new 2022 Ford Maverick pickup hybrid returns 40 mpg and tows up to 4,000 pounds in gasoline trim. Read more

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CarGurus’ 10 best dog-friendly cars


5 ways to protect your car from summer heat

On a hot day, getting into your car can be like entering a sauna. Here are five tips for cooling down your car’s interior. Read more


10 car-buying trends during COVID-19

CoPilot analyzed its data from more than 30 million car sales via the car-buying app in 2020 to identify 10 car-buying trends during the CO… Read more

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What Is Casualty Insurance And Why Should You Care?

You’ve likely heard of “property and casualty insurance.” The property part refers to physical things you own like your car, house and furniture. But what is casualty insurance, and why should you care about it? What Is Casualty Insurance? Casualty insurance provides liability coverage in case you’re responsible for other people’s property damage or injuries. […] Read more

Who Pays If Your Friend Crashes Your Car?

The cleanup from a car crash can be messy. It can get messier if you weren’t driving your car but, instead, a friend was behind the wheel. Part of the complication surrounds who pays if your friend crashes your car. Buckle up as we take you down the road of this potentially bumpy issue. Car […] Read more

Facts About Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is deadly: 3,142 people died as a result of distracted driving in 2019, according to the most recent data from the National Highway Transportation Administration (NHTSA). Seemingly harmless behaviors like quickly reading a text message can have serious consequences. Consider this: Sending or reading a text that takes your eyes off the road […] Read more