Lakeview 1974

It's spring vacation. But not for Brian Martinak, 10, left, and others who attend Lakeview Grade School. Lakeview students have attended classes this week but will get Thursday and Friday off. Brian, son of Mr. and Mrs. Art Martinak, wanted to look out the window in class this morning. He's afraid it will rain when Lakeview students get their vacation.

NOTE: The following article originally appeared in the Wednesday, March 24, 1974, edition of the Albany Democrat-Herald.

Most of Oregon's schools are closed for spring vacation this week. But 44 students and three teachers have been at their desks at Lakeview Grade School, Rt. 1 Box 279L.

They will receive two days vacation — Thursday and Friday — but the real bonus comes May 30, when Lakeview is dismissed for summer vacation ahead of other schools. Summer vacation starts in June for others.

Even another warm day today and knowing that other youngsters are on vacation failed to bother most Lakeview students.

"It's the first chance they've had to be on the playground where there weren't puddles, so they're happy to be outside. They say they're having fun in school this week," said first-second-grade teacher Mrs. Tom (Jacqueline) Reid.

How do students feel about not having the full week off?

Andrew James Gulick, 8, son of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Gulick, says, "I feel all right. I'm not jealous or anything."

Ronda Houston, 8, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Houston, says it's fine her and she's having fun on the playground. "Now we can go sliding and play horses."

Sally Martinez, 11, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Martinez, says, "I don't really care, because we get out earlier for summer vacation."

Lyn Doughton, 8, thinks it's okay too and adds, "You can do more when school is out early. Then you won't have to do schoolwork in the hot sun." Her parents are Mr. and Mrs. Webber Doughton Jr.

Timmy Wallace, 9, son of the Raymond Wallaces, agrees. "I think it's better. We get out earlier and do more in summer."

Sometimes, however, looking out the window at the sunshine this week, he wishes he were outside instead. "But it's not that bad, waiting for recess," young Wallace says.

There is one dissenter in the classroom, however.

Brian Martinak, 10, son of the Art Martinaks, thinks Lakeview should have a full week's spring vacation.

"It's nice and sunny now. Maybe when we do get out it might be raining," he says.

Mrs. Bert (Suzanne) Cleary, teaching principal, says limiting spring vacation allows students to get out earlier. Many pick strawberries in the rural community, she says.

The school board and teaching staff made the decision for the short holiday.


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