Details for RAMP/CenturyLink - Ad from 2020-01-22

Phone and Internet Discounts
Available to CenturyLink Customers
The Oregon Public Utility Commission designated
CenturyLink as an Eligible Telecommunications
Carrier within its service area for universal service
purposes. CenturyLink’s basic local service rates
for residential voice lines are $18.80-$19.80 per
month and business services are $31.00-$35.00
per month. Specific rates will be provided upon
CenturyLink participates in a government benefit
program (Lifeline) to make residential telephone or
broadband service more affordable to eligible lowincome individuals and families. Eligible customers
are those that meet eligibility standards as defined
by the FCC and state commissions. Residents
who live on federally recognized Tribal Lands
may qualify for additional Tribal benefits if they
participate in certain additional federal eligibility
programs. The Lifeline discount is available for
only one telephone or qualifying broadband service
per household, which can be either a wireline or
wireless service. Broadband speeds must be 20
Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload or faster to
A household is defined for the purposes of the
Lifeline program as any individual or group of
individuals who live together at the same address
and share income and expenses. Lifeline service is
not transferable, and only eligible consumers may
enroll in the program. Consumers who willfully
make false statements in order to obtain Lifeline
telephone or broadband service can be punished
by fine or imprisonment and can be barred from
the program.
If you live in a CenturyLink service area, please call
1-888-833-9522 or visit
with questions or to request an application for the
Lifeline program.


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