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Bryce Allio, M.D., and Michael Brant, M.D., Designated as a Dual Center of
Excellence for Rezūm™ Water Vapor Therapy, a Treatment for Benign
Prostatic Hyperplasia, or Enlarged Prostate
Center of Excellence Recognizes High Degree of Experience with New Technology
controlled study. Urology. 2019 Apr;126:171-9.

[Corvallis, Oregon]— The Corvallis Clinic
announced on Nov. 10 that Bryce Allio, M.D.,
and Michael Brant, M.D. have been designated a
Dual Center of Excellence for Rezūm Water Vapor
Therapy treatment – a minimally invasive in-office
procedure for men looking to treat their benign
prostatic hyperplasia, not just the symptoms.

2. What is BPH? Urology Care Foundation website.
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Rezūm Therapy uses natural water vapor to
reduce the size of the prostate and provide lasting
symptom relief from BPH without invasive surgery
or some of the potential side effects of prescription
drugs (1). The Center of Excellence designation
recognizes that Allio and Brant have a high degree
of experience with Rezūm Water Vapor Therapy
and are committed to delivering significant, lasting
symptom relief to men suffering from benign
prostatic hyperplasia (1).
BPH is a condition in which a man’s prostate
enlarges and squeezes the urethra, causing
frustrating symptoms such as frequent or urgent
urination, a weak or interrupted urine stream, and
the need to get up several times a night to urinate.
It affects about 50% of men by age 60, and up to
90% of men by age 85 (2).
For years, the primary options for treating BPH
were through behavior modifications, medications
or invasive surgery. However, medications may not
work for everyone and may have undesirable side
effects such as dizziness, sexual dysfunction and
lower sex drive (3). With Rezūm Therapy, Allio and
Brant are able to provide relief of BPH for men
who do not want to take medication, or want to
avoid invasive surgery and implants.
During Rezūm Therapy, which takes place during
one brief office visit, natural water vapor is released
throughout the targeted prostate tissue. When the
steam contacts the tissue and turns back to water,
it releases energy, killing the excess prostate cells
that squeeze the urethra.
Over time, the body’s natural healing response
removes the dead cells and shrinks the prostate.
With the extra tissue removed, the urethra opens,
relieving BPH symptoms while preserving erectile
and urinary function (1). The procedure does not
require general anesthesia and is performed under
oral sedation or local anesthesia.

4. McVary KT, Gange SN, Gittleman MC et al.
Minimally invasive prostate convective water
vapor energy (WAVE) ablation: A multicenter,
randomized, controlled study for treatment
of lower urinary tract symptoms secondary to
benign prostatic hyperplasia. J Urol. 2016 May;
5. Date on file with Boston Scientific.

Rezūm Therapy has undergone extensive clinical
trials to evaluate the safety and efficacy of the
treatment (1). It is now included in the American
Urological Association’s BPH treatment guidelines
and has four-year follow-up data showing its ability
to treat prostates with hyperplasia of the central
zone, lateral lobe and/or median lobe (4).
Rezūm Therapy is being used in many leading
urology practices throughout the United States.
To date, more than 55,000 patients around the
world have been successfully treated with Rezūm
Therapy (5).
About The Corvallis Clinic
The Corvallis Clinic is an independent, physicianled medical group and a comprehensive multispecialty health care organization serving Benton,
Linn and Lincoln counties. It offers more than 100
board-certified physicians and advanced clinical
professionals in 27 specialties at 10 area locations.
For more information, visit https://www. or
1. McVary KT, Rogers T, Roehrborn CG. Rezūm
water vapor thermal therapy for lower urinary
tract symptoms associated with benign prostatic
hyperplasia: 4-year results from randomized

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