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Click & Clack
Talk Cars
“The Tappet Brothers’’

By Ray Magliozzi

New HoNda wHistles a
differeNt kiNd of tuNe

Dear Car Talk:

is the pressure of the
I have a 2017 Honda CR-V. refrigerant equalizing by
passing through that valve.
Whenever I return from
It produces a soft whistling
a long road trip (1-3 hours)
sound while it equalizes.
and my air conditioner
has been running, I hear a Unless it’s really loud, or
prolonged whistling sound whistling a funeral dirge,
(for 1-2 minutes) after I turn I don’t think it’s anything
worth worrying about, Jack.
off the ignition.
The sound is coming If you were to shut off
from under the hood on the your air conditioner while
passenger side. It sounds you were driving, the same
like a compressor draining thing would happen. But
air. I took my Honda in for that faint whistling noise
servicing, but they could not would be drowned out by
replicate the sound. It only the road noise, the engine
and the argument you were
occurs after long use.
having with your wife about
I want to get it taken care
you turned off the
of, as I only have 5,000
miles left on my warranty. darned air conditioner.
Find a reason to do
something else when
Yes, I suggest you stop you get home. Preferably
hanging around your car something that doesn’t
after you shut it off, Jack.
require you to be in the
When you run your air garage.
conditioner, the compressor
refrigerant. So, when you Got a question about
arrive home after a long cars? Write to Ray in care
drive, that refrigerant is of King Features, 628
under very high pressure. Virginia Drive, Orlando, FL
32803, or email by visiting
Once the air conditioner
the Car Talk website at
is shut off, which happens
when you shut off the
engine, the refrigerant
needs to return to normal (c) 2019 by Ray
pressure.And it does that by Magliozzi and Doug
passing through something Berman
called an expansion valve. Distributed by King
I think all you’re hearing Features Syndicate, Inc.
Any suggestions? -- Jack


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