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Click & Clack
Talk Cars
“The Tappet Brothers’’

By Ray Magliozzi

Does my GPs neeD an uPDate?

Dear Car Talk:
I received a letter stating that
I can now update the factory
GPS in my 2015 Ford Explorer.
I was under the impression that
a factory-installed GPS would
automatically update itself.

built-in GPS, then you have the
opportunity to switch over to a
superior mapping system that’s
completely free -- unless you
count them knowing everything
about your every movement as a
form of payment.

Should I pay the $150 for the
We’re talking about Google Maps,
update, or am I being scammed? which is available, and constantly
-- Thom
updated, on any smartphone. It’s
Yes, and yes.
easiest to use if your car has Apple
or Android Auto, which
Yes, you should probably update
it, and yes, you’re being scammed. mirrors your phone’s screen on your
factory-installed car’s screen.

GPS systems do not update
themselves. We’re starting to
see more over-the-air updating
now, but it wasn’t around when
you bought your 2015 Explorer.

And since you probably
spent $1,000 for the navigation
system, you’d think they would
update it for free, right?
Mmm ... no.

But even if you don’t have
that technology, you can come
close with a good phone holder
that puts the phone high up in
your line of sight while you’re
driving, so you’re not taking your
eyes off the road to look down
at it. There are some pretty good
phone holders that clip to your
air vents, and others whose
base sits in your cup holder, with
a long gooseneck to bring the
phone up to eye level.

Now, not a lot changes in
terms of roads. They tend to stay
put. But things do change slowly
over time. Roads get rerouted or
In our experience, Google
changed for safety, streets get Maps is up to date, easy to use
renamed, bridges get replaced,
and factors the most accurate
traffic patterns are modified.
traffic conditions into its
So, if you use the navigation navigation instructions.
system often, and drive a lot
The choice is yours, Thom.
in unfamiliar places, then it’s
one way or another, it might
probably worth updating every
for an update.
four or five years.
Here’s a good test: If you’re
Got a question about cars?
instructions, and you suddenly Write to Ray in care of King
find yourself being passed by a
Features, 628 Virginia Drive,
sailboat, it’s time for an update.
Orlando, FL 32803, or email by
It can be a pain in the butt to visiting the Car Talk website at
do the update yourself. It’s not
always user-friendly. If your Ford
dealer is willing to install the
Magliozzi and
update for you for $150, that’s
not a bad price. We’ve seen Doug Berman
much worse (Hello, Honda!).
Distributed by King Features
If you’re not wedded to the Syndicate, Inc.


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