Despite being heavily outshot, the East Linn Eagles earned a tie against the Blanchet Catholic Cavaliers on Aug. 29. 

East Linn lacked much of an offensive, but made up for it as two of their five shots went for scores in the first half. The Cavaliers scored once in the first and and evened the score in the second. 

The Eagles took no shots in the second, but kept up their defensive effort allowing only the one score. 

The strong performance from the Cavaliers kept keeper Zach Bowler busy in his first varisty high school soccer game. Bowler earned 22 saves helping to stave off the Cavaliers from dominating the match

Bowler credited his strong performance to learning from Dustin Savage who was East Linn's goalie last year. 

"It felt like a pretty big task to fill his shoes." Bowler said. "So I just did the best I could, and I'm happy with my performance today. A huge thank you to my teammates for keeping me on top of it, and not letting me get too down on myself." 

Eagles forward Matt Reardon scored the first goal on a breakaway drive. 

The second score from the Eagles. came from a cross from Jarron Bowler to Jonnie Walusiak to put the ball inches away from the front of the net for Walusiak to tap it in for a score. 

Coach Isaiah Blake said he was happy with the team's performance as they lost last year to that team 0-8, so a tie was a big improvement. 

"They played hard. Defensively, they did what I asked them to," Blake said. "We just need to keep working on getting a little more offensive minded going forward. Overall, I'm very happy." 


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