What a historic moment for Lebanon!

People from around the world came here this week to witness a rare celestial event. While it was far from any of the gridlock madness or mayhem that was expected, people still came from all over the world to witness the event.  

Early on the day of the eclipse, downtown traffic was much calmer than usual as most businesses were closed. A little bit of a surprise as there certainly are more people in the valley. We're hoping that there isn't a huge traffic jam and as we are writing this traffic on northbound I5 is starting to pileup.

It was exciting for the less than two minutes during totality where we could see the moon and a few stars in Ralston Park it felt like a cool summer evening, during the morning. We don't think we'll ever get to experience anything like it ever again. 

There are many people who worked to make sure that Lebanon stayed safe. While there wasn't much chaos in Lebanon, the Lebanon Police Department, the Lebanon Fire District were prepared. While those preparations turned out to be ultimately unnecessary so far, it is way better to be prepared. 

City Manager Gary Marks noted this during the last city council meeting and said this could be the next Y2K scare, and it would could"fizzle out" or there could be gridlock. It appears it did fizzle out, but that didn't stop him, city councilors, or community members (many of whom opted to stay at work or at home) from preparing. 

Also, the "Party in the Path" event at Cheadle Lake actually drew a smaller crowd than the pirates festivals also hosted there, but that may be due in part to the Willamette Country Music Festival, which always draws a large crowd, and organizers extended camping for an extra day, keeping too many people from staying at Cheadle Lake. 

With the many warning we've given in the coverage leading up to this point we hope that you were careful not to stare directly at the sun without wearing the proper safety glasses, and if they were recalled we hope you got that news and replaced them quickly.  

If tourists are still around when this publishes, which we don't think there will be many left (two days after the eclipse) we hope that you enjoyed our community and what it has to offer, and we'll see you next time. 


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