This week we're looking back at the top 10 stories of the year. This is a departure from how the Lebanon Express has done the year in review in previous year. 

I decided to run the year in review as a top 10  list of local stories instead of writing a quick paragraph from each story that made the front page, and writing a quick snippet from any other story in that week's paper that had significant newsworthiness.  

We, and most newspapers, do the year in review because it's a good way to fill space when news slows to a trickle during the Christmas and New Year's holidays. However, the large amount of text tends to become a bit much gray. 

So this year we took a look at what was most popular for the year, and had to exclude breaking news otherwise the top 10 stories of the year would all be car crashes. So excluding those, and looking through popularity of stories determined by internet traffic, I created the top 10 news stories of the year.

Nothing that made the top 10 was that much of a surprise to me; however I didn't expect the number one story to be the moving of Ma's restaurant into the old Bing's restaurant in Lebanon. That story clearly was newsworthy, but are readers cared more about that one than I would have thought.  

Not surprisingly, I wrote nine of the top ten stories of they year. The one story I didn't write was Kyle Odegard's, from the Albany Democrat herald, story about Erin Gray getting disqualified during the Olympic race walk trials. As noted in the news review story we feel the disqualification was unfair as an admitted officiating error played a major role in causing the DQ. 

So not being constrained by a giant amount of text,  I was able to write a little snippet about how I got the story, or what my opinion were about the story. This gives readers a little insight into the story they usually aren't able to see. 

Lebanon Express Editor Matt DeBow


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