The days are getting longer, which is one sign the spring season is here. Another is that baseball season is here, and if all the games don't get called for rain, which seems probable lately, it looks to be a good season for Lebanon. 

Fortunately, the Warriors softball and baseball teams have been able to squeeze in a few games in, and the Lady Warriors look solid on defense, which means a repeat to the state championship game seems like a real possibility. On the boys side, early signs show that the team looks to be a bit more competitive this year. We'll see how this all shakes out. 

Away from sports, with all this rain and subsequent snow melt in the mountains, the Santiam River is so high that it's almost the same height as the Lebanon dam, and in Waterloo where there's a waterfall, but the river is so high it's hard to tell that it's a waterfall.

A note of caution on that, if it ever does warm up, people do get stuck out there fairly often, which is why the Lebanon Fire District practices multi-agency drills on water rescues. So if you feel like floating the river or going swimming in the area use caution to avoid getting trapped out there yourself.

But we digress, and back to the changing of the season, as spring progresses that means we're getting closer to the Strawberry Festival, and we've seen the Strawberry princesses make a few appearances at public events already. Soon they will grace their presence to the youngsters at all the elementary schools in the area.   

Exciting Strawberry Festival news, Strawberry Plaza is currently under construction and is slated to open on the first day of the Strawberry Festival. Along with that Conversion Brewing will add outdoor seating in the plaza.

The city council had to create a permitting system to allow this as alcohol is prohibited in city parks. Allowing this was a no brainer call as the brewery should attract the right type of clientele into the park. 


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