While the big celebration and most of the fireworks happened yesterday, if you have dogs remember to keep a careful eye on them still as people will still be shooting off rather loud fireworks. This is the time when most dogs go missing, and we're not out of the woods yet. 

However, if you have found or (unfortunately lost a dog) call Linn County Animal Control at 541-967-3925 immediately. 

Speaking of fireworks, if you were wondering what happened last week when Walmart was evacuated, it was an unwrapped and unlabeled firework. Read more about the incident on A2


While school's out for the summer, the Lebanon Public Library's summer reading program is in full swing. And to add to the excitement of reading the library is hosting weekly events that have included an inspirational speaker, and this week a performer who used science to set thing on fire and blow up balloons. Read more about his performance on A1. 

Work crew

Also on A1, you'll learn about the Boys & Girls Club of the Greater Santiam work crew program. Teenagers work with the club to gain experience and work a part time job for the summer. The crew does a variety of tasks, and new this year is a hot dog cart they will be running at various events throughout the community. 

The greatest benefit of this program (and the teenagers may not see it yet) is that it gets them work experience when they don't have any experience. Helping to break them into the workforce. 

Veterans home 

The Edward C Allworth Veterans Home has always been a beautiful building in our community. Now it's gotten even prettier with the addition of artwork and a courtyard at the home. Read more about it on A3. 


In somewhat bittersweet news Samaritan Lebanon Community Hospital has partnered with the Center Against Rape and Domestic Violence to provide a location for victims in Lebanon. While we're pleased to see the service come to Lebanon we hope few people ever have to use it.  


This coming school year, you will no longer see a Native American adorning the halls of Lebanon High School or on player's uniforms. The Native American mascot has been replaced with the letters "LW." 

We're sure we're still going to see the mascot plenty it will just be restricted to fans wearing it in the bleachers. 


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