State Representative Sherrie Sprenger (R-Scio) issued the following statement regarding a dispute between Entek International and the State of Oregon:

I am very troubled by the state’s handling of this situation. Entek has been an asset to Lebanon for more than thirty years. They have consistently played by the rules, done all the right things and forged a successful, trusting partnership with our community. By all accounts, including DEQ’s, Entek is in full compliance with emissions regulations and with workplace safety standards.

In fact, the company has made a conscious effort to keep emissions well below the limits set by the government. So when multiple state agencies descend on our community and suggest, without any evidence other than a computer model, that this business is potentially causing harm to our friends and neighbors, I take offense.

I believe the DEQ, OHA and OSHA have an important role to play in protecting the health and safety of Oregonians. However, I also believe the judge’s decision to grant a restraining order on behalf of Entek against the State of Oregon suggests that this situation has not been handled appropriately by state agencies. In the coming days, I will be partnering with our state agencies, Entek and members of our community to facilitate a productive dialogue about this situation, separate fact from speculation and move forward toward a swift resolution. If a problem does exist, it should be corrected immediately. If one does not, I believe our state government owes our community an apology.

Rep. Sherrie Sprenger