What a weekend it was!

Not only did the Lebanon Strawberry Festival return with all its fervor, along with tons of fun and frolic for the 108th year, 95 med students graduated and are now heading around the nation (many staying in the Northwest) to start practicing medicine.

While each year, the Strawberry Festival hosts the same events in celebration of Lebanon. This year there was an event was added after the Junior Parade: The grand opening celebration Strawberry Plaza opened, and we are so impressed by the transformation of Mural Park into Strawberry Plaza. 

Mural Park was a run-down park, with faded murals that was is desperate need of renovation. The park also had become a notorious place for people to hide from law enforcement official. While we've heard a few complaints about the resurfacing the murals. There were several city council meetings that addressed this that were not well attended. 

But, the city staff of Lebanon isn't forgetting the history of Mural Park, in fact it is incorporating photos of the murals that were painted there as part of its artwork at the Plaza. And it looks like a great place to take your kids on a sunny afternoon to play in the water feature. Mural park was a place that you would have avoided taking your kids to. 

As for the returning Strawberry Festival events, the parades were a nice cool temperature and the drizzle that graced us on Saturday morning went away just before the Grand Parade started. The winner of the Strawberry 5k noted that it was a perfect weather for a run. The last two years were scorching hot, so much so that a couple of bands backed out of the parade at the last minute. There were no last minute cancellations this year!

Of course after the Grand, and after the World's Largest Shortcake made its way through the parade route, it was served by our very own Strawberry Princess, with Queen Maddie Norris leading the charge.  

So much happened last weekend that we couldn't possibly fit in all into our print product, but dear readers never fear that's what the internet is for. More photos of the junior parade, grand parade, Strawberry 5K and other strawberry festival events may be found on our website. While you're perusing our website, if you have already take a minute to read about the Strawberry Princesses. 

Videos of the Strawberry Festival may also be found online at http://democratherald.com/albany/raw-video-strawberry-festival-junior-parade/youtube_ca05c463-40ad-5a11-9aa8-6cb580648855.html or at 

We enjoyed the time of fun and frolic with the Strawberry Festival, and we can't wait for next year. 


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