No matter what you do, there are ways to stay active in Lebanon. 

COMP-Northwest 2015 graduate Jeff Bulkley emphasized this point to the incoming group of student at the fifth annual white coat celebration on Aug. 1. He told the students that they despite being extremely busy with studies they will have free time, and to use that time wisely, and also try to stay active.

Bulkley noted the irony of sitting in a classroom for eight hours learning about how unhealthy it is to be sedentary.  

Really that's good advice for any profession. There are times when all of us get busy, and maybe neglect they gym (or whatever we do to stay active), or just feel too lazy after a long day and we just watch TV, but it's more important to make the most of our free time than waste it away. Here are several ways to stay active in town, and make the most of our free time:

Take advantage of all the beautiful parks in our town. There are basketball hoops across the street from the Lebanon Boys & Girls Club that aren't used often enough. Go shoot some hoops. 

Build Lebanon Trails has several trails throughout town including at Cheadle Lake and they're continuing to build more. This weekend on Aug. 8 they're hosting a walk starting at the new hotel. That could help you stay active, and they're also giving an update about the canal trail, just another one of their projects that they're working on. We're excited for whatever that group brings next. 

When gym classes, or organized sports, aren't using the fields at Lebanon High School, the facilities open to the public take advantage of that track and go for a run. Or play a play a game of pick-up football on the turf. The tennis courts are open as well, and very few people play on them other than the athletes at the high school. 


Another way to make the most of the time we do have is to use our local library. The Lebanon Public Library has been hosting a series of performers throughout the the summer for its summer reading program. 

Last weekend a juggler showed up who started his career by reading a book about unicycles. 

Maybe juggling isn't for you, but there are other books with plenty of info on different hobbies that can be of interest to people of all ages. 

There are many books at the library are just entertaining as half the the library is taken up by a fiction section.


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