The town of Lebanon will once again turn blue for the month of April as a way to symbolize the plight of abused children. Volunteers will tie blue ribbons around trees, and give out blue pinwheels. 

Blue represents bruises on abused kids, and the pinwheels symbolize peace. 

In recognition of child abuse awareness month we are reminding citizens to be alert to the signs of child abuse. So what constitutes abuse? The ABC House child abuse intervention center offers the following definitions:

Physical Abuse

  • Hitting or pinching hard enough to leave a mark which does not go away right away
  • Burning with a cigarette, lighter, iron, stove top burner or other instrument which leaves an injury
  • Biting hard enough to leave a mark or break the skin
  • Choking, pinching, kicking or pushing in to walls or objects


Failure to provide basic needs and care dependent upon the age of a child. Basic needs are described as food, shelter, clothing, education, medical care and supervision.

Emotional Abuse 

  • When someone who cares about a child calls them names that are really mean
  • Telling a child they are stupid, worthless or a mistake
  • Making fun of a child until it hurts them
  • Telling a child they are never good enough and can’t do anything right

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