Fall is in the air, and while the temperatures seem to remain high, we've been blessed with a few days of much needed rain. We still need more as the fire officials are hesitant to call an end to fire season just yet. 

After it's been so dry in the area for the last couple of years we're enjoying the wetter weather. The landscape is getting prettier as things on the ground are gradually starting to green, and the leaves are changing to their fall colors.  

Our favorite spots to visit for every change of season here in Lebanon are Cheadle Lake and along the Santiam River at River Park. We hope we get to add to that list soon as Build Lebanon Trails is starting work along the canal at Had Irvine Park. 

That trail will connect the hospital to more of BLTs already established trails creating more of a system of interconnected paths throughout the city of Lebanon. We're looking forward to the day when paths throughout the city can get us anywhere we need to go.  

Now is the time to get outside and enjoy the fall foliage before winter hits and it gets to cold and wet to enjoy the scenery. Of course our winters are rather mild most years, and it's possible to get outside in February, but the scenery isn't as nice. 

Also, if it just won't stop raining in January (which we're hoping for) just remember that we've been in a drought for years and desperately need a bit of wet weather.

Happy Autumn, and that will bring our favorite holiday: Halloween. We'll right more about that next week. 


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