Snoofy Bee on Shark Tank

Mike and Amy Perry appeared on Shark Tank on Sunday, which provided them with a $120,000 investment and massive nationwide exposure. 

Mark Ylen, Democrat-Herald

Going on the television program “Shark Tank” may let Albany couple Mike and Amy Perry swim with some big fish.

The Perrys’ diaper changing pad company, SnoofyBee, landed a $120,000 investment from “shark” Lori Greiner in exchange for 20 percent of the business.

“We’re so excited,” Mike Perry said. “She is on QVC. We’re not sure if this is going to be the best match for QVC, because it’s a baby product, but we’ll be looking into that.”

The business-pitch program was taped over the summer and aired Sunday night on ABC.

While the investment is critical for SnoofyBee — which has already done $700,000 in sales and moved 25,000 units — the nationwide prime-time television exposure had a massive impact.

On a typical day, the Perrys will send out 20 to 50 orders, Mike Perry said. On Sunday, they had more than 1,000 orders.

“Orders have been pouring through nonstop, so it’s been great. We really didn’t expect this big of a response from it,” he added.

SnoofyBee is a diaper changing pad with a barrier, which looks like an upturned skirt, that gently restricts a baby’s hands. That way, a child can’t reach down at diaper changing time and get their hands, well, poopy.

The Perrys launched their company about two years ago in their Albany house, which was filled with boxes and product.

They’ve since moved to an office with warehouse space on the Santiam Highway.

For the “Shark Tank” appearance, the Perrys brought along their 1-year-old son Emmett, who turned out to be a good luck charm.

“Sometimes a shark can be a little bit critical, but having Emmett helped soften them a little bit,” Perry said.

“He did surprisingly well. He did excellent. Having a 1-year-old, you never know if he’s going to be in a good mood or a cranky mood. He even let two of the sharks hold him,” he added.

Two other sharks made investment offers for SnoofyBee, but the Perrys liked Greiner’s the best, in part because she has connections with many companies that could help out a baby product-based business.

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