Shannon Miller poses in the tea room portion at Serendipity Cafe and Tea Room on Feb. 8.

Matt DeBow, Lebanon Express

While Serendipity Cafe and Tea Room offers the culinary staples found at most 50's style diners, it also houses a dimly lit tea room in the back. 

Shannon Miller took over the restaurant a little more than a year ago, which in its previous incarnation was Uncle Doc's Diner, which closed after about a year of operation. 

Miller said she wanted to have a different option for customers in the winter, when ice cream sales often decline. 

The restaurant first opened as Herschel's Old Fashioned Ice Cream parlor, the building was originally renovated by Eric Jacobsen in a 50's style fashion diner.

Miller has kept that 50's soda fountain style motif in the front, and she plans on expanding to include a bulk candy section as well. 

Miller said she makes all the food fresh from scratch, and that formula has been working to aid the success of the restaurant. 

After a year in business as Serendipity Cafe and Tea Room, in March she plans to expand the restaurant's hours to include breakfast and dinner. The business is currently open from 

This is Miller's third restaurant, her first resturant she poured a lot of money into and ended up losing about $10,000 she said. She ran her second restaurant for about 7 years before selling the place for a profit. 

What she learned from those experiences is "you have to do all the work yourself," she said. 

Miller and her sister-in-law are the ones running every aspect of the business. 

"I treat my restaurant like a 20's housewife would during the depression," Miller said. 

Miller was looking for a place to open a tea room, but she needed a functioning kitchen, and an empty room. The building offered just that. 


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