On May 23, College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific Northwest hosted the Mini-Medical School day.

Kindergartners from every school within the district, plus East Linn Christian Academy and home schooled children, rotated through stations learning about medicine.

The program is designed to teach local kindergarten children about the importance of disease prevention and healthy lifestyle choices.

Physicians and medical students lead several stations teaching children about the skeletal structure, heart, medical instruments, germs. In addition, there was a special mini “Operating Room,” where children learned about the body’s organs.

Samaritan Albany General Hospital provided gloves, masks and hair coverings for the 400 — plus kindergartners who “operated” on their classmates.

Samaritan Lebanon Community Hospital provided pediatric medical gowns for the “Operating Room.”

The event was sponsored by the Osteopathic Physicians & Surgeons of Oregon as well as COMP-Northwest.

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This photo is so cute! But seriously it is a very good idea to organize such Mini-Medical Day. Now it is a kind of entertainment for kids but maybe it can influence the choice of their profession. Ten years ago my son visited his granny at the hospital and talked to the doctors who saved her life and he made a conclusion that he wants to help people. Now he is a medical student and writes his professional acedemic papers on Health and Medicine and I hope that in some years there will be a new talented surgeon in our country.

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